Cinders in the wild with stair and more

AO: Starting Line

When: 01/18/2023

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (3): Script Kiddie, Sirmixalot, Suarez


As we took a leisurely mosey around the AO we happened upon a herd of wild Cinder blocks, so we decided to take and care for them…. OK it may have not happened that way but I found an image and it got me thinking of how to form a beatdown tied to the image I am using for the BB.


We moseyed past the normal spot and ended up at the Steps and started the Warmup
Weed Pickers
Wiley Mas Hayes
Copperhead Squats
Moroccan Night clubs
Michael Phelps

The Thang:

The Herd of wild Cinders were there so we each grabbed a block and I laid out the plan

11s with Cinders
At the bottom of the stairs do 1 squat thruster with Cinder
Head up to the midpoint landing with the cinder do 3 merkins
Head up top and do 10 BBSUs with the cinder
On the way back down do 3 more merkins,
Then keep going till the 11s were done
That was a bit of a deconstructed blockee and with the fact we were carrying cinders the whole time it really helped push us…I like it.  At that point we returned the wild cinders to their home and moved on to Thang2

This was a mid BD add and a way to honor our fallen F3 Brother from F3 Knoxville, Cardinal who sadly collapsed during his recent VQ and never recovered, so we did 10 burpees each for him.

At the bottom of the stairs we did 10 absolutions, well kind of,  I forgot to add the groiner into the exercise
10 jump squats at the midpoint landing then
10 burpees at the top
10 more jump squats at the midpoint landing, on the way down
Time was running short so I changed it to
5 absolutions & at this point I realize I did not include the groiners
5 jump squats at midpoint landing
5 more burpees at the top
On the way down I had to correct my mistake so we did 15 groiners at the midpoint landing to make sure all the movements of the absolutions were done.

Time was up and on to COT


Prayer Requests
Suarez’s M is taking her exam to become a certified nurse Friday so prayers for that
SirMixalot’s MIL was selling her house in Knoxville so prayers for a smooth closing and safe trip for her and SirMixalot’s fam as they travel to Knoxville

Acceleration point
A call to be savage servants, that we are able and capable to be dangerous but we are loving, caring and willing to serve the others around us. Also have a plan to accomplish this not just a vague I want to get stronger but have a plan and a goal, find ways to challenge ourselves to be better and be willing to do things that we may fail at but in the failure we can learn and grow, and in the process become more of the man/leader/father/husband we are meant to be.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Coffeeteria was brief but good and then off to start the day

I am thankful/blessed to know men like SirMixalot and Suarez and as much as they push me at the BDs they push me to be a better man outside the gloom.

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