0.0 – Cinders & Plates

AO: Badapple

When: 01/16/2023

QIC: TheBurn

PAX (8): Brutus, Rusty, Spider, Sprocket, The Real Woody, The_OG Zima, Curds


Feeling like a good old fashioned 0.0 and moving some weight this a.m. Part of this BD came from a rainy day BD YHC was planning but did not get to execute due to the lightning in the area last week. QIC loaded up the 45lb plates in the truck the night before so the PAX could work cinders and plates. 


Michael Phelps

Sun Gods

Weed Pickers

Abe Vigoda’s

Cross-Arm Shoulder

Copperhead Squats

Mosey to AED Station

The Thang:

All exercises are superset combos. First exercise is 10 reps, Second exercise is 20 reps. Do one, then the other for a set, then repeat 3x. 


Rd 1: (3 Sets)

RDL’s w/Bowties (upright row) x 10

Offset Merkins x 20

*Note: Do Elevated RDL’s on curb/step/bleacher to clear room for a full stretch w/cinder


Rd 2: (3 Sets)

Fire Hydrants x 10 (each leg)

Squeeze Press x 20

*Note: For Squeeze Press – lie on back, keep palms open and pressed on side of cinder or 45lb plate, start on chest, press up, return to chest, repeat. If using a cinder, turn vertically and grab near the bottom. If using a plate, squeeze in the middle..


Rd 3: (3 Sets)

Skull Crushers x 10

Pickle Pushers (w/cinder or plate) x 20


Rd 4: (3 Sets) – Partner Work

Partner 1: Shrugs x 10 (use both cinders)

Partner 2: J.Lo’s until P1 is done. 



Rd 5: (3 Sets) – Partner Work

Leg Throwdowns (L/R angle) x 10 (Alpha Count)

Curls x 20

*Note – Leg Throwdowns: Done with a partner. P1 lies on back, grabs ankles of P2 standing overhead, P1 lifts legs up high into the air while standing P2 pushes them back down.


Rd 6: (3 Sets) – Partner Work

Leg Throwdowns (middle) x 10

Squeeze Press x 20


Finished with the Merkin Circle of Death

-Pax hold plank in a circle and each completes a Merkin right after the man next to him. All PAX hold plank position before and after their rep count.  Count out loud, keep going until time or there is one PAX remaining. PAX tapping out switches to a Mary exercise of their choice. It should be noted that YHC and @Rusty were still going strong when time was called and probably could have done 500.


Prayers up for Will Hutchinson – Milton HS student struck by a car, @Goat as he assists those impacted by the tornados in Spalding County, @TheReal Woody for strength and humility, Shoutout to @Spider for a smoke-free 2023, and Growth for all PAX.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Glad to have another day and to start with the willpower to conquer the Gloom and to catch up with our fellow PAX from The Wreck at coffeeteria after. Good to have FNG @Curds post this morning and shoutout to @The Real Woody for paying it forward!

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