I did not expect a wind tunnel, but we survived

AO: Widowmaker

When: 01/14/2023

QIC: Zohan

PAX (12): Cox, Deep dish, Feathers, Ha-ha, Mater, NRA, Saint2O, Sparkie, Speedo, TMI, Walkie Talkie, Zohan


Another cold morning ahead of us, YHC planned a beatdown to keep us moving. 2 for the pre-ruck.


Disclaimer was given and we moseyed in the parking lot and into the soccer field, circling up in the middle. Started with SSH and we also did FW and BW Arm Circles, Imperial Walkers and Weed Pickers.

The Thang:

50 States Merkins – to the sounds of “Wakko’s America” (from the amazing show, Animaniacs) do a Merkin movement each time a state is called, either Up or Down. The total might be only 25 merkins but the cadence of it makes it challenging.


4 Corners

First round – 5 Burpees and 10 alpha count Bonnie Blairs in each corner of the field. Meet in the middle and hold air chair.

Second round – 10 alpha count Bonnie Blairs and 15 Merkins each corner. Meet in the middle for a low plank.

Third round – 15 Merkins and 20 LBCs. In the middle we held a Baryshnikov Squat, which is a low squat while standing on your toes. Arm forward to keep balance.

Forth round – 20 LBCs and 25 Squats. SSH for the six.

There was a 5th round planned, but the soccer field was needed for a game and YHC decided to cut it short. We headed toward the coupon pile near the pavilion, but I decided it did not have what we needed and we continued to the coupon pile next to another parking lot.


Walkie Talkie – I took Morphine’s suggestion from the Friday beatdown about doing some low intensity workouts too. For this portion PAX chose a heavy coupon for walking (no presses or curls) and partnered up. We did 2 rounds on the parking lot, walking and talking with our partner about our 2023 goals, be them related to working out, health, family, friends, work, god, etc’. Myself, I got to know Deep Dish, his background, his 2022 and what’s he looking for in 2023.

We finished this portion by putting the coupons back in place and running 2 rounds in the same parking lot.


Partner workout – We moseyed back to the pavilion. It was VERY windy up there. Guys were complaining about wind tunnels. YHC’s lips were half frozen and it’s amazing the men were able to understand the follow the instructions.

Same partners. One runs to the restroom building to do 10 Donkey Kicks and comes back. The other stays to do AMRAP of an exercise. First round E2K, second Dips and 3rd Box Jumps (or step ups to modify).


Back to the flag. Our Mary was Burpees till time out, about 45 seconds.


Reminder about DiCCS, an idea from F3 Waxhaw: At the start of the beatdown make sure to say the Disclaimer; one PAX at least needs to have a Cellphone (or a smartwatch) you can call 911 from; We need men to know CPR; Practice Safety when running in the dark, crossing the street, etc.

Follow Slack for updates about CSAUPs and Convergences.

Ha-Ha’s week is Jan 30th to Feb 4th: a challenge to work out that week like a 62yo man, which means posting twice at run AOs and 4 times for beatdowns. Finish the week strong for Ha-Ha’s annual special, the Barkley 5k, at the Widowmaker.


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