#FinishthVQ – Gladiator

AO: Gladiator

When: 01/12/2023

QIC: Scratch-Off

PAX (14): Cheneral, Delicious, DREAMER, Hitchcock, Macbeth, Moonshine, Spandex, Speedo, Stroller, Tar Heel, Tebow, TheBigShort, Brownie


Yesterday, we were devastated to learn about the passing of Cardinal up in Knoxville, so this morning the Gladiator was one of many many many AOs to #FinishtheVQ.

Disclaimer – I’m like…really bad at reading apparently and totally should have done my own warm up. Because…woof. That did not start well. I mean…who really knows whether Samson was tied to the pillars in front of him or on either side?

Answer: Judges. Judges knows. Judges 16:25-29 – he was definitely in the middle, not behind, so a Samson Hold should be with arms out to the side.

And that has to be the weirdest way that I’ve ever quoted the Bible.


15- Side Straddles Hops
10- Tempo Merkins*
10- Flutter Kicks Double Count
10- Little Baby Arm Circles Forward
10- “                                      “ Backward
10- Hallujahs
10- Knoxville Cherry Pickers*
20 Sec. Samson Hold
PHELPS it out
10- Willie Mayes Hayes

The Thang:

“Card’s Run and Repeat”


Big Boys
Heels to Heaven
Run 160 meters (metres) and repeat


Little Baby Crunches
Mt. Climbers Double Count
Run 160 meters (metres) and repeat


Air Squats
Freddy Mercury’s
Run 160 meters (metres) and repeat


Run 160 meters (metres) and repeat



Pray for Cardinal’s loved ones. Be grateful for our time here. Hug your own loved ones. Live like we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow and no guarantees…Gladiator kicks off a Friday run group tomorrow. Now accepting name suggestions.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Love you guys. It was an honor to lead this morning.

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