A shady ruck crew in the gloom

AO: Starting Line

When: 01/11/2023

QIC: Sirmixalot

PAX (7): Better Call Saul, Janeway, Script Kiddie, Seaman, Sirmixalot, Beeline, Swanson


This BD was a week delayed due to rain causing Beeline’s Q to be canceled last week, but the second attempt was the winner. and with some HCs from PAX that usually do not post on Wednesdays like Better call Saul and Seamen plus the return of Swanson, numbers were set at 7 and we were ready to head out.


No warm-up but in true Beeline fashion, he arrived just in time to get the party started so once he arrived it was time to head out.

Disclaimer given ruck was begun.

The Thang:

We rucked behind the AO then headed to the high school and once at the track/football field, we took a stroll up and down both sets of bleachers around the track then back to the AO to end right on time 615, well done.  The conversation was good, one  advantage of a ruck is you can carry on conversations and get a good workout as well.


Pray for SirMixalot’s friend and a few others, I cannot remember.

Mentioned an upcoming CSAUP at  Currahee mountain in June.

Prayed then on to coffee

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Beeline and Swanson had to head out as soon as the BD was done.

We enjoyed a round of coffee and there was talk of possibly setting up a short 50 mile ruck, lol.  It was then time to head out to start the day.

Thankful for the men I get to spend time with in the gloom

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