Brickyard 1000

AO: Rubicon

When: 01/10/2023

QIC: Irene

PAX (3): Jump Seat, Special K


Slack was quiet on the night of the National Championship and no one had picked up the Q by 8 pm…

So, YHC grabbed the Q to try out a beatdown I’ve been working on. There was a promise of gifts to drag out any soft commits, but it remained quiet with Rubicon holding down all the Alpha Central Qs (Avis @ Academy and Lumbergh @ Norsemen).

YHC committed to a pre-run and swung by Academy to see who showed up. I found Avis and Devito on their run and we all agreed to workout at Rubicon. Upon return to the lot, we found Jumpseat and Special K, so YC provided the gifts… 2 Bricks for each Pax.


We left the bricks at the flag and did a quick mosey to the pool and back. SSHs, Windmills, Copperhead Squats, Imperial Walkers, and Arms Circles/COVIDs to warm-up form the cold. With the blood pumping, we picked up our bricks and moseyed to the central concession stand.

The Thang:

1st Individual Medley
20 Turkish Get-Ups (SC, Alternating Sides)
30 Overhead Presses
40 Step-Ups (SC)

Interlude: 10 Man Makers (Burpees with Bricks)

Mosey to the Field of Dreams’ Dugouts for a Dora
100 Berkins
200 Iron Squats
300 Curls

Interlude: 10 Man Makers (Burpees with Bricks)

Bear Crawl to the Dugout, and mosey to the Concession Stand.

Interlude: 10 Man Makers (Burpees with Bricks)

2nd Individual Medley:
20 We’re Not Worthy
30 Crunchy Frogs
40 Nutcrackers (lunge with bricks together under your upper leg)

Interlude: 10 Man Makers (Burpees with Bricks)

Eagle’s Wings to finish out
20 Forward Arm Circles
20 Backward Arm Circles
20 Seal Claps
20 Overhead Claps

Mosey back to the flag for CoT. 1,000 Reps (if the bear crawl counts for 100)


Three were left standing as Avis and Devito departed for the academy. Quick 3 count and name-o-rama before the prayer. Jumpseat was glad to be back in the gloom after travel and fighting a cold and we were glad to have him back.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks to all for coming out and coming together after the National Championship. It was an honor to lead.

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