Hooch Invasion!

AO: Hogwallow

When: 01/07/2023

QIC: aflac

PAX (22): Angus, Animal, Backside, BallBoy, Catheter, Circus, DREAMER, Foley, gmonkey, Matt Shields-Norm, Mayhem, Pusher (Ader Jean), Saint2O, Scar, Spandex, Stroller, Switch, Tubbs, Weck, Yankee, YaoMing


YHC noticed an open HW Q spot the evening prior and decided to scoop it up.  Little did he know that he would be leading a Hooch invasion and manage to dunk himself in a muddy creek in the process.

The Thang:

22 PAX across 2 pace groups for a perfect morning in the trails.  Special thanks to Circus for leading the second group, and Spandex for bringing his world-class coffeteria setup.  Apologies to the random dude who got caught behind 17+ guys running a social single-track – bet he didn’t see that happening this morning!


  • Prayers for Sell-out’s family as they mourn the passing of his aunt.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Switch and I were talking about weekly beatdown schedules, and we both agreed that Saturday HW is a can’t miss event.  Nothing better than closing out the week with some miles and conversation in the trails.

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