It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Stuck in the Slide

AO: The Bridge

When: 01/06/2023

QIC: Dinghy

PAX (7): Birdie, Boomer, Gasleak, Maguire, Mid-riff, Saint2O


A solid turnout in excess of the initial HC total is a great thing. However, for the ill-prepared QIC, plans may need to change (i.e., doing a bear crawl requires more space for a group of 7 than for a group of 4) to ensure a proper workout. That’s why the new equipment at The Bridge, much of it intended for toddlers, is really good for an audible. More on that later – it was disclaimer time, and off we went.


10 each of:





Mosey by the stage to the low stone walls leading to the path to get to PTC Circle

The Thang:

1, At the low stone wall, conduct 10 each of Ercans, Jumps Squats, and Dips. Continue mosey to obstacle course via path to PTC Circle, then the 2 lefts into the course area.

2. Conduct 4 cycles of pullups x 10 (modify if necessary), Mercans x 20, Squats times 30. Run back to low stone wall and conduct 5 each of Ercans, Jump Squats, and Dips. Run back to the obstacle course. Short session of Imperial Walkers, then pick up the 6.

3. Mosey to the slides. All Pax conduct burpees at base of the ladder. One by one, pax enter the top of the slide and go down, yelling an excited “WEEEEEE” while going down. YHC managed to get stuck initially, but managed to get out. 1 Pax chose the modification, which is a downhill bear crawl, also while yelling “WEEEEE” while coming down.  Mosey to the the fountain area and circle up.

4. AMRAP American Hammers to the tune “You Never Can Tell” from Chuck Berry

5. 11’s, pairing dips with step ups, no travel

6. Lite Bloody Mary – 10 pickle pounders, 10 seconds low plank hold, 15 gas pumpers, 15 flutter kicks. AND THAT WAS TIME


Prayers for Josh (friend of Gasleak) as he undergoes treatment for leukemia; prayers for continued healing and grace for Bo Knows’ wife; prayers for continued recovery and praise for recovery to date for Dinghy’s father in law

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Although it was a long week, YHC was delighted to have been given the opportunity to lead at multiple AO’s this week. The level of effort was tip top as we got back in the swing of things from the holidays. Challenge yourself to get on that Q sheet, at whatever AO you choose, and let’s try to fill those out. Shout out to the Gladiator, as they are set through May WRT to a filled Q sheet.

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