Script Kiddie Solo Ruck

AO: Starting Line

When: 01/04/2023

QIC: 1st rule

PAX (1): Script Kiddie


It was a rainy forecast for the gloom this morning and with me wanting to see what the weather was actually like at the AO. I headed out, as I traveled Beeline decided to call it and take back his HC, and once I arrived, I could not disagree with his decision then after some back and forth with SirMixalot it was decided to make the call and cancel the official Starting Line BD for the morning, but I was already there, and the rain decided to slow down.  So, with the crazy Christmas Eve Frozen ruck fresh in my mind and the fact that I just started reading the comfort Crisis at the suggestion of Inseam, thank you sir!  It was time to suck it up and head out.  Also, along with the fact I upped my ruck weights to 47 pounds, trying to keep up with Zohan. All that completed a perfect storm, yes that is a lame attempt at a pun, to give me enough motivation to complete a rainy-day ruck


Disclaimer was not needed it was just me, and no warmup just on to the rucking.

The Thang:

I took the back way behind the park and then headed toward the old Outside the Lines location and was greeted by our always vocal rooster pal that helped keep me company, for a few.  I then headed to toward the high school, took a lap around the track then headed back.  I planned to take a picture at the flag, where the Christmas tree was but it was raining to hard so headed back to the pavilion and took one there.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I know it was a solo BD but am thankful for all that the men of F3 have helped me accomplish, and how they encourage me to push past the easy and accomplish more than I thought possible.

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