STETSON #13!!!

AO: Nirvana

When: 12/31/2022

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (7): Dosido, Mayhem, MillerTime, Pinkey, Venus, Plum Bob


Been awhile since YHC took the Nirvana Q and no better day than the same one that the Dawgs face off with the Buckeyes for a chance to go on to another National Championship game.


The theme wasn’t advertised much other than first half would be hard damn work….and second would be some fun mixed in. Sure wish that game last night was like that instead of the absolute nail-biter that it was. But one does not get better or accelerate if life were easy!!


3 Pre-Rucker’s and 1 Pre-Runner on the morning…..and 3 other pax ready to go as 7:00 hit!


A light mosey to the track and then back up towards Northwestern MS bus loop as the rain started to fall.

SSH, Merkins, Mtn. Climbers, Imperial Walkers, Weed Pickers.

The Thang:

After grabbing a coupon the pax headed back to the bus loop. The men would be honoring a true legend and absolute badass….
All below x 13 reps with lap in between. All the way through and then work way back up as all the competition does with ole #13….looking him up and down & usually underestimating him!
T Turk N Burp
E Elf on the Shelf (coupon)
T The Hodor (coupon)
S Star Jacks
O OH Press (coupon)
N No Surrenders
*This was a bit of an ass kicker and definitely looked better on paper. With around 25 minutes left in the BD, on to the Milton stadium for some fun!
Kickball -F3 style…. Each pax got one turn at kicking with the rest of the pax strategically placed every 5 yards and on alternate hashes. Ball that is kicked and caught in the air, the kicker has to do 6 Burpees (spread of the UGA/OSU game) while all other pax cheer him on. If ball is not caught, then all pax run to ball and perform exercise of the kickers choice x6 reps
Ultimate Football: Uneven teams so Dosido named all time offense. Team #2 of Pinkey, Miller Time and Venus pretty much dominated YHC, Plum Bob and Mayhem and won by two scores I believe.
Back to the flag and put an extra two minutes in as coupons had to be retrieved.


Lots of pax noted things they were thankful for in 2022 such as good health, all F3 pax that are motivators for others, etc.


YHC also through out a challenge to get out of comfort zone in 2023 and visit new AO’s, go to AO’s that are more challenging (i.e. Academy on Tuesday’s) or maybe some straight run AO’s like Hoppylike and Crossroads.


YHC failed to mention The Bound which is a great experience if one hasn’t been (Monday afternoons at 4:30 and also Wednesday’s at 5:30 am!)


Naked-Man Moleskin:

A great morning with F3 men at Nirvana and always fun to lead.


Strong showing at coffeteria as well. Plum Bob and Venus very tied in to some notable sports celebrities such as Chipper, Kirby, Smoltzie and more.


Nothing else to say but HBTFD!!!!

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