AO: The Wreck

When: 12/30/2022

QIC: Meltdown

PAX (13): aflac, Blue, Circus, Donor, Echo, Foley, Hammy, Matt Shields-Norm, Meltdown, Miyagi, Sell-out, Switch, Nutmeg


we’ve had our own version of Oprah at the wreck recently, but instead of cars the pax have been getting cinders as presents. And as the last BD of 2022, YHC thought one last cinder day was appropriate.


Stayed by the flag for the following:

SSH x 20

mountain climbers x 22

weedpickers x 21 (should have stopped at 20)

slow squat x 22

The Thang:

Grabbed a cinder and headed to the trail behind the tennis courts and partner up. Partner 1 would run 2 light posts ahead while partner 2 farmer carried the blocks to partner 1. At the light post, P1 did 2 exercises, first with 20 reps, second with 22 reps (for 2022, not a Raider workout but mild planning was involved). Continue down the trail until at the base of the hill, then each pax would grab a cinder and walk up backwards to the top and do 10 thrusters. Here are the exercises performed:

20 merkins

22 shoulder taps

round 2:

20 Bobby hurleys

22 leg lifts

At some point, circus put his cinder in some dog dookie.  I don’t believe the cinder made it out of the Rec trails, it’s now a statue for future generations to acknowledge what happened on this saddest of cinder days.

with some time left, headed back to the flag only to get overruled (ahem, mutiny) on doing some block pull throughs, but for the best. Instead, cusacked down a few light posts, and on our way back did 10 rows and 10 thrusters at each light post.

got back in time for a few rounds of Mary. Man makers suck. As do big boys with the cinder.


Last Hogwallow of the year tomorrow, Aflac has something special in store (spoiler alert, strava showed a 10k on the trails).

challenge pax to reach out to other that haven’t been in a while. Also, it’s the new year and a good time to come up with new goals.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always enjoy leading this group. And apologies for whatever silliness Aflac has up his sleeve for his next cinder. I didn’t mean to inspire it.

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