25 is Warm for Georgia

AO: The Wreck

When: 12/28/2022

QIC: Donor

PAX (7): aflac, Blue, Donor, Grouch, Hammy, Juul, Tubbs


In Georgia, who would ever think 25 degrees would be considered warm.  Well after the last few BDs,  today was a dream weather wise.  QIC always enjoys the banter/stretching time before we launch.  0700 hit so lets mosey.



QIC led a spirited PAX along the trail.  Throw in some butt kicks and high knees make a sharp left and lets mosey backwards up the tennis court hill.

Disclaimer given and we completed a short warm up.  (12) each SSH ; Hillbillies ; Slow Squats ; Fwd/Rev Arm Circles ; Michael Phelps.

Moseyed over to the Coupon pile near the lake.

The Thang:

Thang 1:

Partner up and get a Coupon to share.  Partner A walks counter-clockwise around the lake while doing a coupon workout.  Partner B runs Clockwise until meets Partner B and then Flap Jack.  Exercises completed:

  • 150 Walking Merkins
  • 150 Bunny Hops w/ coupon
  • 150 Walking Overhead Press
  • 150 Backward Lunge w/ coupon

Return coupon and lets mosey to the turf field

Thang 2:

PAX lined up along the sideline for a round of 7’s.  Diamond Merkins followed by a backwards run to opposing sideline for Merkins.  QIC called it off short so we could mosey back to the flag.  Thankfully Juul can read a watch better than QIC and sounded the alarm that we had 10 mins left and that’d be a hell of Mary.  QIC called an audible redirected the gazelles in the PAX over the wall by the baseball field.

Thang 3:

a few rounds of 15 Dips and 15 Step Ups (DC) and now its time to head back to the flag.  Arrived with a few minutes to spare.  MARY with American Hammers, J-Los, Flutters and Dying Cockroach.  TIME!!


Q Sheet for 2023 is up and ready to be filled.  Check your schedule and grab a Q for January.  Prayers for our Wrecker Brothers who have been MIA.  Reach out to those brothers we are missing and encourage them to reset in 2023.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Love this group of men.  Love the accountability partners.  Love the push to be a better Husband, Father, Child of God, Employee, Employer, Friend.

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