Here we come a-runnin’. A-runnin’ we will the gloom (or was it glow?)

AO: Norseman

When: 12/27/2022

QIC: Knight Rider

PAX (12): DeLorean, FICO, Fresh Prince, Ha-ha, Longshanks, Nacho Libre, Orvis, Stu, Venus_Norseman, Chugga(FNG), Deep Dish(FNG)


With the late 0630 start YHC took some extra time to light the way for the PAX with red and green. Between the post-Christmas colors on display, the 0730-ish sunrise at the end of the BD, and the mid-BD sighting of a small family of deer at one of our stations, it felt more like a morning in the GLOW than a morning in the GLOOM.

Wait, what ?

NO, it was the GLOOM and YHC had the PAX kick off right at 0630 so we could fit in all the beatdown-ery.

0628….Deliver the F3 disclaimer, watch Nacho Libre emerge from the dark recesses of the AO, welcome 2 FNGs, and perform a quick Count-o-Rama so we leave no man behind.

0630…Mosey to the Warm-o-Rama spot just across the north foot bridge, south of the roundabout.


Some technical difficulties to kick the morning off right…so a minor delay in starting the Warm-o-Rama once we reached the parking lot.

YHC finally got the tunes started and the workout timer going then led the PAX in-cadence through:

SSH’s – 20
Weed Pickers – 10
Hillbillies – 10
Merkins – 10
Big Arm Circles – OYO


The Thang:

At the next ding of the workout timer app the PAX were instructed by YHC to head “toward the red light”, continue south around the access road and onto the trail marked with green glow sticks. Then continue on said trail until coming back out at the foot bridge, proceed back across the foot bridge to the road, and head to TURF FIELD 2…grabbing a coupon along the way.

YHC did his best to lead the PAX down the first trail while blaring some colonial riverdance tunes, grabbed said “red light”, and rendezvoused with the PAX (coupons in hand) on the northern goal line of Field 2.

The first THANG: Sprints and Burpees

With the quick legs of the PAX we were a bit ahead of schedule so YHC sprinkled in 10 Merkins (Mercans) IC to start things off.  Then…more technical difficulties….press on….

YHC explained that during the upcoming song (“On Call”), the PAX needed to sprint to the 25 yard line (marked by red and green glow sticks) and then back to the goal line every time they heard the phrase  “I come-a-runnin.” No moseying allowed as the PAX needed to finish the called-out sprints and get back to the goal line to perform burpees every time they heard the phrase “be there” or the word “pieces.”

What should have been 6 sprints turned into 10-12. (did I say technical difficulties)
Roughly 17-20 burpees were also performed in quick succession by the PAX during the song.

Despite the technology snafus, YHC stuck with it.

The second THANG: 2 rounds of Tabata / Intervals

Next up, two rounds of Tabata / Interval style work with 5 exercises each round. The cycle was roughly 35-40 seconds of work (depending on the round) and 15 seconds of rest.

YHC ran through the details of each exercise with a quick demo of each.

ROUND 1: (40 seconds of work / 15 seconds of rest per exercise)

1. Coupon “Squat to Overhead” with Merkin
(PAX spread out on the goal line and voted to all jump to the right to avoid colliding with their fellow PAX during the exercise)

2. Mountain Climbers

3. Jump Squats

4. Pike to kick sit
(some mumble chatter about a break dance move, but the functionality of this will help you get off the floor when you are 70)

5. Bear Crawl Forward and Backward
[crawl forward to the 5 yard line (lit up with a red spot light) and crawl backward to the goal line – rinse/repeat]

Rested between rounds 1 and 2 for roughly 1 minute with another 10 (or was it 9) IC Merkins sprinkled in during the “rest” period.

ROUND 2: (35 seconds of work / 15 seconds of rest per exercise)

Same 5 exercises as above, except YHC called to swap out the Jump Squats for Bonnie Blairs during this round.

Much mumble chatter about YHC’s song choice for round 2. Consider it YHC’s ode to and prep for DeLorean’s possible Q soundtrack on Thursday.

Round 2 complete.

Before YHC could call it, the PAX were headed back to the pit to drop off their coupons. No moseying allowed and the PAX made quick work of the coupon drop off then formed up in the adjacent parking lot. Once the 6 was in, we headed back out on the trails.

YHC and the PAX found the next trail entrance just north of the playground (did I say green glow sticks) and proceeded downhill, avoiding the coupon pit (lit up in red), and paralleled the park pond. All the time looking for more green glow sticks to keep the PAX from taking a wrong turn.

The trail exit spit us out in the lower parking lot Turf Field 1 where the PAX encountered a full family of deer who could have cared less about our approach…though they were no fans of CCR.

The third THANG: Modified B.O.M.B.S

The PAX formed up at the center light post and YHC read through the exercise board illuminated in red. The goal was to complete one round before time was up. No partners…all PAX performed the exercise series in a single group.

Big Boy Sit-ups – 10
[performed at the South end of the lower parking lot (look for the lit up green exercise board)]
– Run to the North end of the lower parking lot (look for the other lit up green exercise board)
Overhead Squats – 10
[performed at the North end of the lower parking lot]
– Run back to the South end of the lower parking lot
Mike Tysons – 10
– Run to the North end of the lower parking lot
Broad Jump Burpees – 5
[I think most PAX thought this was a 10 count or YHC is really fast at Burpees – YHC will need to work on his articulation in the future]
– Run to the South end of the lower parking lot
Star Jacks – 10

YHC called time at 0715 with all PAX completing at least one round.
All ran the rest of the hill (upper parking lot) to get back to the Pavilion for the COT.

Thanks to all the PAX for helping to gather up all the lights and gear at the end of the BD.


Count-o-rama and Name-o-rama.
Welcome 2 FNGs .  Actual brothers: Chugga (local) and Deep Dish (DR from Washington DC).

Norseman will continue with the 0630 start time for the remainder of the week.
Come out on Thursday to support DeLorean for the last Norseman BD of 2022.

Dunkin coffeteria / convergence today after the BD.


Prayers of grace and strength for those struggling during this time of year which can be hard for many.
Prayers as men to remain humble and to remember to always be leaders for our families.
Prayers to be a positive influence which has positive impact on our community and those around us.
Thanks given for the opportunity to come together in fitness and fellowship.


Since the BD ran long, YHC made a Slack post requesting that all PAX knock out 22 Merkins OYO today to promote awareness of veteran suicide prevention.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was an honor to lead for the first time in F3 today. Many things went well and others could have gone better. Yet, I’ll do my best to fail forward. It’s still early in my F3 journey and I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to lead and grow.

I joked above about the glow versus the Gloom. Yet, with today’s relative heat wave and the full, clear sunrise at the close of the BD, it really helps you appreciate the community in which we live. We are truly fortunate and it’s a privilege to be part of the F3 Alpha organization which works to serve our community. I humbly suggest that everyone take a few moments today among the holiday hustle/bustle to be present and let it sink in how truly fortunate we all are.

Thanks to all the PAX today for remaining flexible and giving it your best. Your effort, encouragement, and kind words are truly appreciated.

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