12 Pains of Christmas

AO: Academy

When: 12/27/2022

QIC: Mayhem

PAX (8): Avis, Caffey, Devito, Matt Shields-Norm, MillerTime, No-See-Um, Turbine


When I put it out there last week I had a Christmas special BD in mind, I had a framework of what I wanted to do.  A “12 days of Christmas” theme + some Christmas metal tunes.  Simple, right?  So when I started writing it down at 9pm last night (after hosting family & enjoying a cocktail or two),  I didn’t think anything of it. Well, the liquid courage upped the rep count to ghost pepper spicy.  What followed was, as Caffey called, an absolute burner.


15 minute pre-run for 6 Pax who wanted a little extra.  Honestly even if we had started the BD then we still wouldn’t have gotten through it all.

The Thang:

“The 12 Pains of Christmas”

Music Selection: A Very Metal Christmas

Just like the “12 Days of Christmas” carol, PAX started on step 1, then continued to build by adding another “Gift of Acceleration”. After each set, 1 lap around the track. Lots of grumbling, and a few ice cold stares in my direction, followed.

  1. 10 Burpees
  2. 20 Bonnie Blairs (single)
  3. 30 Freddie Mercuries
  4. 40 Mercans
  5. 50 Lunges
  6. 60 second plank
  7. 70 Hip Thrusters – though I meant Groiners, so we did that for one horrible round, then I decided actual Hip Thrusters was the better way to go.
  8. 80 Thrusters
  9. 90 Curls
  10. 100 American Hammers
  11. 110 Goblet Squats
  12. 120 Skull Crushers

In the end, no one got past the Curls.  Maybe next time I’ll cut the reps in half.  Or do I leave it as an aspirational goal for 2023?  We all need a New Year’s resolution.


Prayers of comfort and peace for No-See-Um and family.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great job by all today.  Thanks again for putting up with another one of my half baked ideas.

And thanks No-See-Um for grabbing the flag!

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