It’s Cold as F

AO: Badapple

When: 12/23/2022

QIC: Chalupa

PAX (4): goat, Spider, Turbine


No waiting, too cold. Started the mosey right away!


Jog to warm

The Thang:

Run 10-20-20J
Run to park space, 10-20-20L
Run around Gaz3X, inside 10-20-20Dp-20 steps
Run to old, 10-20-20L
Run mini loop, bear crawl, run 1, BP2
Run big loop, 10-20-20
Run to Zima 10-20-20
Up Zima 10-20-20V
Run Park lot, 10-20-20L Dying cockroach til end


Prayer for safe travels for those out on the road and flying. Positive thoughts for the last upcoming days of 2022 and I to the new year.

coffee time at Waffle House, nothing better!!

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