Havin’ a Heatwave…

AO: The Bridge

When: 12/23/2022

QIC: Dinghy

PAX (4): Birdie, Cohiba, Popper (Dan Richard)


With Christmas coming, everyone was in a festive mood, but the record cold threatened to put a damper on our fitness acceleration session. Balderdash! Clever use of the facilities at hand (we met at the parking deck) and a hot playlist were all that was needed to proactively melt those holiday calories…..to keep pax moving, short disclaimer was given and off we went.



10 each of:



Michael Phelps


Short mosey over to the smoky stairwell.

The Thang:

1. Reverse 11’s – start with 1 monkey humper at the bottom, run up the 3 stories, conduct 10 HR Mercans, return, and finish the 11. Hillbilly for the 6. Short mosey to the deck entrance.

2. Led Zeppelins (i.e., Descending BLIMPS) – start with 5 Burpees, 10 alpha Lunges, 15 Imperial Walkers, 20 Mercans, 25 Plank Jacks, 30 Squats, lap around the deck. Repeat, dropping the last exercise each time. SSH for the 6. Mosey to the ramp.

3. Inchbears – pax lined up single file in a plank. Last pax bear crawled to front, yelling go at the front. “New” last pax repeated. Went through 5 cycles for each Pax, lunge walked back down the ramp. Mosey back to the deck entrance.

4. Short Mary (gas pumpers and LBC’s), and that was time


Quick announcement for the Scroogefest beatdown at The Hooch (7-8 with egg nog as a reward).

Prayers for a speedy recovery for Youtube from Covid, continued prayers for Birdie and Youtube’s aunt, and prayers for thos who don’t have a warm place during this blast of cold.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

While it was a tester of willpower to get out of the fartsack, YHC was proud to lead those motivated PAX who chose to do the hard thing and come outside to play. That shower sure felt that much more rewarding, and by doing these hard things, we certainly are getting a running start into 2023.

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