5Alive Little Drummer Boy and a bit of Sexy Santa

AO: Starting Line

When: 12/21/2022

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (3): Script Kiddie, Sirmixalot, Suarez


With head count low and me grabbing the Q a day or 2 before it was time to set the plans and with 5Alive on my mind and not being used for awhile a plan was being formulated then add in a bit of Sexy Santa, one of  SirMixalot’s favorite Christmas gloom songs, plus for some reason the, shuffle kept playing the song each time I restarted the play list and a “fun” use of Bing Crosby’s Little drummer boy a rough plan was set then modified as necessary, it is kind of the F3 way.

No pre- but Suarez and SirMixalot rolled just in time for the BD.

And mosey time was begun.


Standard warm up

Mosey to the spot



Copperhead squats


Moracian night clubs

The Thang:

Start from where we were and started thang1

5 Alive


5 merkins, 5 wide, 5 diamonds, 5 ranger, 5 hand release

50 SSHs

Bing Crosby’s Little Merkin Boy

Side shuffle to shortcut then Bernie Sanders across and side shuffle back to start


5 LBC, 5 BBSU, 5 WW2, 5  leg raises, 5;Rocking horses

Bing Crosby’s Little drummer boy but hold legs 6 inches above ground then leg lift at each pa-rum pum pum pum

Side shuffle to shortcut then  across Bernie Sanders  and side shuffle back to start


10 squats, 10squat jumps, 10 lunges, 10 reverse lunges, 10 Bonnie Blair’s

Bing Crosby’s Little drummer boy but hold air chair then do a squat at each pa-rum pum pum pum

Mosey the long loop

Next up we grab a ruck then mosey to the stairs, Each set of stairs represent one and so with that in mind took 4 trips up the stairs then go to the landing,which equals 22 and that was done to remember the approximately 22 military personal that take their lives due to PTSD, then at the landing, once done with the 22 set of stairs, do 22 merkins with ruck.

That concluded the BD so we put the rucks up and headed to the COT.


Prayer request

Prayer for safe travels and health for everyone

Acceleration point

SirMixalot mentioned the things that happen to us, if they are to get better we need to look in the mirror/to ourselves to make a situation better/change a bad situation into something better.

I tied that to the book The Obstacle is the Way how we cannot control what happens to use but you can control how you react and how the exact  things that could stop us could turn out to be the things that set us up for better things and help us move closer to our goals.

With that it was time to head to coffee talk

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Coffeetria was supplied by YHC and we hung out for a bit then headed out to start the day

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