Well, if Burpees Burp, what do Plank Jacks do?

AO: The Hooch

When: 12/21/2022

QIC: Dinghy

PAX (14): Birdie, Boomer, Cohiba, Feathers, Humperdinck, Mater, McCracken, Popper (Dan Richard), Saint2O, Splinter, Tenderfoot, TURK, Zohan


With only a few shopping days left before Christmas,  folks who waited for ’til the last minute minute are running out of options. Thus, YHC viewed it as his duty this morning to provide some ideas to the PAX to ensure that no one goes without – even if it’s only the gift of fitness.

As there were no FNG’s this morning (but some folks coming off of IR – welcome back, Humperdink!), shortened disclaimer was given and off we went.


12 each of the following (you’ll see this theme play out in a sec):


Willie Mays Hays

Michael Phelps


Short mosey around the parking lot to the center walkway….

The Thang:

Board of pain, 12 days of Christmas theme, EXCEPT start out with all 12 exercises, and with each round, drop the last exercise……the whole litany included:

12 Mike Tysons

11 Air Presses

10 Mountain Climbers

9 Carolina Drydocks

8 Monkey Humpers

7 Star Jumps

6 Wide Grip Mercans

5 Bonnie Blairs

4 Burpees Burping

3 Plank Jacks j……

2 Squat Jumps

1 Regal Down and Back to the Palm Tree (essentially last round was 2 straight down and backs)

Mary for the 6, then pick him up. Mosey back to the flag

Circle up for Mercans to Ring of Fire (each PAX calling it out) – we reached 71

Finished up with a light Bloody Mary (10 Pickle Pointers, 10 second low plank hold, 10 gas pumpers, 10 flutter kicks, 10 American hammers, 10 LBC’s, and that was TIME!


Don’t forget Scrooge’s annual Nogfest Christmas Beatdown, 7 am Saturday at the Hooch. There will also be a mini-convergence at the Windjammer on Friday, 30 Dec, at 6:30.

Prayer for peace in this country, and praise and prayers for Turk’s mother and family as a) Thanking for protection during a hit and run accident, as well as for healing.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was chilly this morning, but we all got our sweat on. Thanks for indulging YHC’s “Mr Robinson’s Neighborhood” version of the 12 days of Christmas, where he took things away as we went through the exercises. PLEASE GIVE THAT Q SHEET SOME LOVE, MEN! You won’t regret the opportunity to build those muscles!

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