Hill of Difficulty

AO: Nirvana

When: 12/17/2022

QIC: Tank

PAX (6): Dosido, MillerTime, Special K, Tank, turkey, FNG—-aka P.T. Barnum


In the frigid cold of North Georgia in Dec the Pax quickly remembered the definition of pain and suffering.  After a light warm up the Q lead the group to The Hill of Difficulty.


A light warm up of mercans, mountain climbers, side straddle hops and pull-ups then mosey to The Hill of Difficulty.

The Thang:

In two man teams, the task was 1000 single count flutter kicks, 500 air squats, 250 push-ups, and 125 burpees, all while alternating running up and down the Hill.  This took around 45 mins-which was quicker then anticipated.  Clearly the music selection helped with motivation.  After conquering the Hill and task the Pax circled up for 10 count exercises with each pax picking an exercise.  Next up were some pull-ups, plank, mosey, and some final exercises to close out the day.


In the circle of trust the FNG was given the name P.T. Barnum based on his previous circus experience as a trapeze artist.  Prayer requests for spouses health, parents health, Christmas activities, and salvation of cousin were mentioned.

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