Ski Conditioning

AO: The Wreck

When: 12/16/2022

QIC: Sic’em

PAX (12): aflac, Bear, Blue, corky, gmonkey, Grouch, Meltdown, Pusher, Scratch-Off, Sell-out, Sic’em


YHC came in on rails this morning and almost missed fresh tracks.   It’s mid December and everyone needs to make sure they are in shape to hit the slopes but most importantly not miss any F3 workouts when they return.


Mosey down to the lower parking lot where the speaker was waiting.


Weed Pickers

Michael Phelps


Mountain Climbers

Grab a coupon and lets get go!!!

The Thang:

30 minute ski conditioning workout, about 4 years ago a buddy sent this out as a joke to a bunch of guys getting ready for a ski trip in Jackson Hole.   I said what the hell its only 30 minutes, gave it a try and now mix it in to my routine every few weeks.

10 difference exercises, 3 sets each, in groups of two. No recovery

Group 1

12 Isolation Jump Squats/ 25 American Hammers w/coupon

Group 2

16 Agility Dots both directions/ 20 Merkins

Group 3

20 Single leg lateral hops each leg/ 10 High Knee Step Overs

Group 4

20 Single leg Ventral hops each leg/ 6 reps 3 point Squat w/coupon

Group 5

20 Low squat jump twist/10 Lunges each leg w/ coupon

Stopped by the playground for a quick morning call and then watched Ocho out run everyone back to the flag


Bear is recruiting runners to assist The Kyle Pease Foundation to push wheelchairs in the Publix half marathon on Feb. 26th,  What an amazing organization and way to give back, get with Bear or check slack if you are interested.

Next Wednesday the 21st will include white elephant gift exchange


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Honored to lead the crew this morning and start the morning with Ocho by my side.  Rally and reach out to our fellow brothers that we haven’t seen in awhile and continue to watch over us and give us the strength to be the best leaders, fathers and husbands we can be!

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