Yellowstone Xmas

AO: The Wreck

When: 12/12/2022

QIC: Raider

PAX (14): aflac, Backside, Bear, Blue, Catheter, Foley, Grouch, Moonshine, Raider, rip, Rooney- timlonergan, Squeegee, Tubbs, Yankee


As a big fan of the Yellowstone and 1883 television series, YHC wanted to incorporate that theme into a BD.  Why not combine it with a Xmas twist?  Pre-setup was needed as usual.  Country Xmas music playlist was ready to go.


Circled-up around the work-out equipment



Mountain Climbers

Forward / Reverse arm circles

The Thang:

Thang 1: Wreck branding (by pull-up bars)

Setup a mock fire with a branding iron in shape of W for the Wreck.  Each PAX did 5 pull-ups and then said what they appreciated most about F3.  Other PAX did Merkins.  Each PAX was “branded” with a W sticker.

Thang 2: Dutton Family characters (by tennis courts)

4 stations setup for each of the Dutton Family members (John, Kayce, Jamie, Beth).  YHC gave a few facts about each character and then corresponding exercises.  Bear crawled between stations.

John – 30 Big Boys

Kayce – 25 Monkey Humpers / 25 Pickle Pounders

Jamie – 25 Freddie Mercury’s / 25 Bobby Hurly’s

Beth – 20 T-bombs / 20 J-Los

Thang 3: The Cowboys- (by pond)

Stations setup for 4 of the cowboy characters.  PAX grabbed a coupon by the pond, did an exercise listed for the cowboy, ran to the covered shelter and did another exercise, then ran back and waited for the six until moving on to next cowboy.

Rip – 25 Skull Crushers / 15 Mike Tysons / American Hammers

Lloyd – 25 Bus Drivers / 25 Stone Mountains / Abe Vigodas

Jimmy – 25 Rows / 25 Dips / Mountain Climbers

Walker – 25 Curls / 25 Groiners / LBCs

Thang 4: Ride to the Train station- (by pond)

Started by the bridge on the pond.  Each PAX did 5 murder bunnies, then did 5 Hillbillies.  Rinse and Repeat back to the rock pile.

Headed back to the flag


Good report from the Santa Ruck on Saturday

Rooney’s Birthday

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Enjoyed the “branding” session to hear what each PAX appreciated about F3

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