Twisted Surprise throwback

AO: Academy

When: 12/13/2022

QIC: Cookie

PAX (7): Cookie, Devito, lumbergh, Mayhem, MillerTime, Nacho Libre, Turbine


YHC grabbed the empty Q spot yesterday and warned the PAX to be ready to get in some miles… 7 PAX answered the call and into the gloom we went


This is Academy, no warm-up needed

The Thang:

We spent the first 45 mins off campus doing a throwback to old Twisted Surprise. Lots of miles with pain stations at every stop

We finished back on campus for Stadium 11’s. Dips at bottom, calf raises at top

Back to the flag for 2 mins of Mary


TCLAPS for impact we made this past weekend at SantaRuck

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