Rubicon 150cc Mario Kart BD

AO: Rubicon

When: 12/06/2022

QIC: Irene

PAX (10): Avis, False Start, FannyPack, Jump Seat, Lefty, lumbergh, Pinkey, Special K, Trebek


The BD may look familiar to some who attended the Boneyard 150cc, but that’s because we had a Site Q request to bring it to Rubicon last week. I grabbed an upcoming Q and waited hoping it would be a clear day. Unfortunately, the weather rolled in this weekend and hasn’t left so we were left with a chance of rain. Backup plans were made, but they were less exciting so off to the races we went.


It was drizzling as we circled up to start. After a quick disclaimer, we moseyed past the playground and under the pavilion for a Warm-Up. SSH, Windmills, Toy Soldiers, and Imperial Walkers got the blood pumping before another mosey to the tennis courts… erm… race course.

The Thang:

Pax arrived at the tennis courts to find the track set and ready. YHC described the rules of Mario Kart: Each race is 3 laps of a different type of Animal Crawl. The Mario Kart mystery boxes are the various single use items described below. Once you use it, drop it and move on. If you’re hit, you must perform the exercise.

Star…………….Pool Noodle……….10x Merkins
Red Shell…….Soccer Ball………….5x Burpees
Green Shell….Frisbee………………20α Flutter kicks
Banana………..Yellow Ball…………20α Mountain Climbers
Mushroom……Towel………………..3 Broad Jumps

Plus, the 1st to reach the cinder each lap was “hit” with the blue shell.
Blue Shell…….Cinder……………….10 Curls (NOT THROWN)

The first race was a bear crawl. After initial hesitation from the Rubiconians, the items started flying and everyone quickly cursed YHC for selecting flutterkicks on wet pavement. Where the Boneyard 150 was awash in Merkins, the Rubicon 150 was mostly Mountain Climbers. Jump seat took the first win and finished the bear crawl first for the inaugural victory.

No victory laps or PitStops (literally – after an HC rescind), so it was on to the second race: Crab Walk. Pax were quicker off the mark for this race following the official Mario Kart Beep sounds – it must be the past training kicking in. Pax demonstrated some nice long range accuracy on their throws as items crossed the course to hit their intended targets. Special K and Trebek demonstrated some extreme accuracy with multiple cross course hits – RESPECT! YHC didn’t tally the winner on this race, but all Pax crossed the finish line.

Now we had a pit-stop: 10 Burpees to refresh the tires.

And, on to the final race: Cheetah Walk (aka Murder Bunny without the cinder). Another quick race where YHC didn’t note the victor – my bad! Since the Rubiconians made quick work of these three races, we gathered the items quickly and moseyed to the pavilion to escape the now falling rain.

Under the pavilion we completed a few extra exercises:
20 Dips
20 Step-ups (single count)
20 Squats
30 Derkins

Before completing an 11s with Squats opposing Merkins with Lunges in between. The final 30 seconds included 15 LBCs for Mary and we circled up to end.


Lumbergh shared some last-minute information on Santa Ruck this Saturday. After a quick prayer, we discussed what should happen during Santa Ruck before dispersing into the gloom.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thank you all for coming out. It was an honor to lead.

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