Wet, Wild, and 180 Merkins Later

AO: Nirvana

When: 12/03/2022

QIC: The Real Woody

PAX (5): Mayhem, Special K, Venus_Norseman, Plumbob


As a general rule of thumb these days, whenever YHC signs up for the QIC, the weather seems miserable.  On this day, it was balmy and wet from a deluge of rain the night before.  At least it wasn’t too cold and the rain stayed away.  Time to get a solid 60 minutes of fun on…

7am sharp, disclaimer given, ready to start


And in comes @Special K in his 4 wheel modern suburban dad transportation on 2 wheels.  Of course, he then took like 3 minutes to comb his hair, fix his jockstrap, plant the flag and join the other PAX already starting to get warm.  I guess he didn’t want to partake in the full 60.

Sun Gods OYO

Michael Phelps OYO

Toy Soliders x 12

Weed Pickers x 15

C’mon Special K…let’s go already…

Mosey to the MHS flagpole and circle up

Hillbillies x 15

MTN Climbers x 15

Stay in Plank

Around the world Merkins for a total of 10 reps, while other PAX plank.



The Thang:

Wouldn’t be a @RealWoody BD if it didn’t include a few morning calls (2 PAX -5 pullups, rest do 5 Merkins).  Rinse/Repeat.

Mosey – mix in a little curioca to the left and right while dodging cars behind the school…

Arrive at the football field, and QIC gives instructions:

Start at goal at center of field and run forward to 10 yard line number (10 Merkins) backpedal across the field to the 20 yard number (20 squats) run forward across field to the 30 (30 Merkins) backpedal to the 40 (40 squats) run forward to the 50 (50 Merkins) backpedal to the other 50 marker (50 squats). (MEMO TO MAYHEM – Listen to the instructions instead of trying to beat all PAX…which he did anyway) Plank for 6.

Pair up on the hashes with partner wheelbarrows (odd man is in middle and does bear crawl) go 10 yards and rotate counter clockwise so everyone gets to hold, “walk” and bearcrawl.  Back to goal line.

Same instructions given but at the 10 (10 foxholes) and 20 (lunges x alpha count)…forward run/bernie sanders like the first circuit.  Field was very wet…and 50 foxholes suck. Plank for 6.

Serpent run of the stadium steps and meet back at track – circle up for a round Captain Thor.

Serpent run the stadium again and this time line up on the wall and do 5 Mike Tysons in cadence.

Mosey back to the flag behind the school so we can hit another Morning Call x 2

Back to Flag at 7:59…sounds perfect for a AMRAP of Burpees.  Time.


Santa Ruck 12/10.  Let’s fill the pantry!

Praise for resiliency in tough times.

Prayers for Mayhem as they lost 4 legged 2.0 Mya after 14 years.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a privilege to lead the men of F3.

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