Me Gusta Cinco….I like Five

AO: Badapple

When: 12/02/2022

QIC: Goose

PAX (14): Catheter, Foley, goat, Goose, MillerTime, Rusty, Spider, Sprocket, Switch (Andrew Suesserman), The_OG Zima, TheBurn, Thud, Toasted, Turbine


Pax told to bring a cinder; during the night prior, the Slack traffic gave us a heads up that we’d have some very welcome guests who don’t typically come to Badapple so YHC made plans to hit Dunkin on the way so we’d have some post BD java & donuts.  Hats off to @MillerTime who brought java as well!


Standard disclaimer, mosey one lap around the parking lot while pointing out some workout stations for our guests, then SSH, Sun Gods, Michael Phelps, Weed Picker, and Copperhead Squats.

The Thang:

Basically a 4 corners plan with a “home base” at the center before going to the next corner (think a dice with the # 5) with a special “rule” to do 5 merkins upon arrival at EVERY station EVERY time.

The home base had the cinders so all those exercises were with cinders.  All other exercises were Alpha count where applicable.

3 Rounds

Round 1:

Base: 5 merkins plus 10 overhead press; run to station 1: 5 merkins/10 burpees; base-5 merkins plus 10 curls; run to station 2: 5 merkins / 20 Lt Dans; base – 5 merkins plus 10 deadlifts, station 3: 5 merkins/30 plank shoulder taps, base 5 merkins/10 overhead press; station 4: 5 merkins/40 squats….back to base for the 6…..that finished round 1

Did 3 rounds total with different exercises plugged in at the corners and 10/20/30/40 reps

Followed up with a song where PAX held plank position and did a merkin every time they heard the words “Me Gustas”….there were a LOT, but it’s everyone’s favorite song now.  Thanks @Zohan!!!

Still time for 5 rounds of PAX-led Merry…..time!



Prayers for strength for one of our team’s brothers who is undergoing cancer treatments and battling hard.  The whole group did 22 merkins together along the lines of this month’s challenge to represent the 22 military members who commit suicide DAILY for various reasons typically related to PTSD.  Santa Ruck on the 10th — we have good momentum across F3 Alpha–more to do!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great effort by the guys today and was awesome to host a bunch of “new” folks at Badapple.

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