Stolen from Whiz, and a little from Tar Heel

AO: Gladiator

When: 11/29/2022

QIC: Tebow

PAX (13): defcon2, DREAMER, Hitchcock, Judy, Manchester, Mater, Moonshine, Spandex, Speedo, Stroller, Tar Heel, Brownie


A slack post reminded me that YHC was to Q this morning… what to do? what to do?  Look up a backblast that is easy to remember! That’s what! Whiz’s is funnier than mine, so you can check it out for yourself:

Pythagorean Multiple Pyramids

5 pre-runners this morning – welcome Mater to the breakfast club.  Scratch-Off must have had to buzz out after the pre-run, I wouldn’t know (side note – if you are having trouble with bowel regularity… pre-run)

Also – let this be a message to all you PAX hesitant to Q out there – you don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you just gotta wheel.  If it’s new to us, then it’s new dad gummit.  Also – this BB will not be proofread – however things come out the first time is just the way it’s meant to be.


An extra lap to sweep up some late arrivals and then circle up for SSH, hillbillies, windmills, worlds greatest stretch, michael phelps… a bit slapdash but we got warm with the extra lap to pick up the lazy guys – I’m looking at you Hitchcock and Tar Heel.

The Thang:

You’ll have to read Whiz’s BB to find out, you can just change the names but the whining was about the same.  When we got to the top of the ladder, YHC decided that he agreed with Whiz and that this BD, and I quote “majorly sucked”.  So while this was all the Q had planned, it was time to move on.

After a quick mosey to the concession stand, we got all sugared up on fun dip, air heads and wall sits.  One partner would wall sit while the other partner bear crawled around the building, then lunge walk, then run to mid-field… the PAX were getting suspicious that this was being made up on the fly, but if you will notice, this was inspired by Tar Heels Q at the Boneyard on Friday.  Was I there? absolutely not. was I inspired? apparently because YHC didn’t know where this idea came form until posting the BB and looked back to see where it may have come from.  Not exactly what Tar Heel did, but the concept was appealing.

Post-Turkey Beatdown

We had a few minutes left so we did some big boys and dips on the wall on the field that we constantly neglect for some reason.  This field needs more love in the future.

As 6am approached it was time to head back to the flag led by Brownie and an unnecessarily quick pace, since he was first back YHC asked him to call an exercise… immediate regret.  Looking for a description of V-ups after all the core today YHC felt that these:

Majorly Sucked – Whiz




Santa Ruck next Saturday – send Spandex money please

There’s a blood drive on Friday – SURPRISE!!!

Praises for Dreamer’s buddy’s miraculous recovery from his bad fall

Continued prayers for Bo Know’s family

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I love all you guys and highly recommend that you put yourself on the Q sheet regularly so you kinda gotta do it.  Thanks for the honor of leading this morning and putting up with silly ideas.

– Tebow out

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