Post-Turkey Beatdown

AO: Boneyard

When: 11/25/2022

QIC: Tar Heel

PAX (4): DREAMER, Speedo, Zohan


We weren’t sure how wet we would get and we weren’t sure how many PaX would show at 5:30am the day after Thanksgiving with rain in the forecast.

A total of 4 showed up for a beatdown, with turkey and pie still in their bellies no doubt. The rainy skies decided to take a break, and all 4 PAX stayed dry. A warning was given that QIC was sore from the Turkey Day flag football, as well as standard disclaimers, and we were off.


After a mosey to the pavilion by the playground (QIC has kids and nearly exclusively spends time at the playground when at Newtown park), PAX warmed up with:

– 15 SSH
– 10 Weed Pickers
– 10 Hillbillies
– 10 Arm Circles, and 10 reverse
– Worlds Greatest Stretch
– 10 Toy Soldiers
(Remember Q was sore/stiff?)

The Thang:

At the pavilion by the baseball fields PAX paired up and alternated a static hold with some merkin fun:
– Wall sit while partner does 50 merkins; switch
– Balls to the wall while partner does 30 diamond merkins; switch
– Low plank while partner does 25 decline merkins

Mosey to the field for some 4 corners:
– 50 squats
– 25 star jumps
– 25 monkey humpers
– 15 burpees (to go east on the PAX and give a break to their legs)
– Bernie the short lengths and run the long lengths

Rinse and repeat

PAX lined up on the lacrosse baseline to work some abs:
– 25 LBCs
– Bear Crawl to the blue line
– 25 Freddie Mercuries
– Run back
– 25 Big Boys
– Broad Jump to the blue line
– 25 Gas Pumpers
– Bear Crawl back

With a few more minutes left over, Q decided now was a good time for a Jack Webb; and everyone chipped in on calling it.


Blood drive, Santa ruck, etc

Naked-Man Moleskin:

The PAX each shared something they were thankful for, with the added rule excluding topics or family or health – not because we shouldn’t be thankful for those things, but because QIC wanted to challenge PAX to reflect a bit more.

Sure enough, there is much to be thankful for regardless of where we are in life.

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