The 2nd Greatest Workout Ever!!!

AO: The Wreck

When: 11/25/2022

QIC: Flip Flop (that's singular)

PAX (8): aflac, Betty Crocker (Coastal Empire), Donor, Flip Flop (that's singular), gmonkey, Meltdown, Tubbs, Vader, Dredd, DOAH


YHC was gonna in town from F3 Carpex (Cary, NC) and wanted to post at the semi-world famous AO known as The Wreck.  After stirring the pot on The Wreck Slack site, YHC stole to Q for Friday from Donor.  Problem was, YHC wasn’t thinking clearly at the time—–turrible idea to sign up to Q the morning after Thanksgiving dinner with the fam.  Probably shouldn’t have had those last two bourbon drinks, nor partook in another slice of pie at 10:00 pm.  The only saving grace was The Wreck start time was pushed to 0700, so hangover was manageable.

YHC entered The Wreck at 0630 to perform a bit of recon.  Problem was after jogging for 2 min, Thanksgiving dinner/dessert/and Angel’s Envy started grumblin around, so YHC had to find a latrine—–but could only find the women’s room, which luckily was unlocked, but also the heat was on at a balmy 90 degrees—whew.  After no recon, YHC returned to The Shovel Flag where the PAX were waiting.   Not gonna lie, I was extremely nervous to come face-to-face with the PAX I ribbed on Slack, particularly Swamp ‘resistance bands’ Donkey.  He was nowhere to be seen—-whew.


After pleasantries and apologies from YHC from stirring the pot on Slack, we performed the Pledge of Allegiance and off we went.

On the mosey with a mixture of butt kicks, high knees, and side shuffles. Up the big hill to a parking lot where we commenced a warm-o-rama, all in perfect cadence from YHC:  Invisible Jump Rope, Sir Fazio Arm Circles—>Good Mornings—>Michael Phelps, merkins, mountain climbers, and Air Force Ones.

After that, we Painted The Lines on the way to the short hill next to tennis courts.

The Thang:

Partner Up:  partner 1 runs to bottom of hill for 5 Sumo Squat Jumps, whilst partner 2 performs x 10 SSH, Plank Jacks, and squats.  FlapJack x 3 sets.

Catch-Me-If-You-Can with x 5 Bobby Hurleys:  all the way to the shelter at the playground.

Core at the Shelter x 14 reps each:  LBCs, Freddie Mercs, Low Slow Flutter, and something else I can’t remember.

Continue with CMIUC with x 3 Carolina Dry Docks until we get to the football field, which, after a pause for some Smurf Jacks, is where we performed some Agility City:  variety of fast feet exercises x 10 (tandem, side hops, and MC Hammers) every 10 yds for 100 yds, then a progressive sprint on the way back.

Mosey to the mini-shelter at the playground for a modified Jacob’s Ladder with partner:  partner 1 runs up the stairs for burpee with Star Jump, whilst partner 2 performs x 15 dips and Irkins.

Double Applesauce back to The Shovel Flag to finish up with LBCs, Homer-to-Marge, and E2Ks.


  • Announcements:
    1.  Donor collecting stuff (forgot if it was food or clothing) that will be delivered to those in need via a ruck.  Believe his deadline is 12/10 (or maybe 12/14?).    2.  Betty Crocker announced GroRuck in 2023 will be in Savannah.
  • Prayers:
    • for all those traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday
    • for GT tomorrow against the DAWGS

Naked-Man Moleskin:

  • Beautiful morning with no rain.  Great site yall got there at The Wreck!
  • YHC was thankful that the guys were so welcoming and didn’t take me poking fun on Slack seriously.
  • Young man named Vader (9 yo) from Savannah was a beast!!!
  • Again, YHC was super nervous that Swamp ‘resistance band’ Donkey was gonna be there and squish YHC like an ant——boy was I relieved he wasn’t there………but……..
  • ……YHC stopped at CrazyLove to pick up a coffee/hot chocolate for the fam.   I walk in and see 2 dudes sitting at a table… heart about came up in my throat from what I saw, and my heart was frickin’ racing.   Could it be?  No way!  It was freakin’ Swamp Donkey and Squeegee.  I purposely did not make any eye contact whatsoever.   Then I hear….”Hey Flip Flop”.   Shit, he saw me.  I’m a dead man.   YHC sheepishly walked over and Swamp Donkey started laughing and saying how funny the resistance band comment was——OMG I thought he was gonna crush me, but instead we had a cup of coffee together.   That’s what F3 is all about!!!
  • until next time, luv, Flip Flop

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