Happy Birthsgiving!

AO: Windjammer

When: 11/23/2022

QIC: Dipstick

PAX (12): Caroline, Cox, Irene, Mayflower, Milli Vanilli, Nair, NRA, Stu, Surely, Townie, Pontoon


It’s my birthday tomorrow, so naturally, I grabbed the Q!

Don’t sue. Our finances read like a Galantis song.

To the Dam!


35 SSH followed by weed pickers, windmills, imperial walkers, and some COVIDs.

The Thang:

I chose a classic for my birthday Q. Something I used to hate, but have come to like over the last year – the Merkin Mile.

Ran up to Clubhouse Drive and back, with 5 merkins, 10 squats, and 20 LBC’s at each intersection (and that one spot off to the side with the electrical box for some reason).

We awaited the 6 at Clubhouse Drive, and called a few exercises while we waited. After that, 5 burpees, and then we turned around.

On the way back, we did 3 breakdance merkins at each intersection (and skipped that one spot off to the side with electrical box for some reason).

We waited for the 6 at the Dam, and did some dollys and 35 more SSH once the 6 was in. Then back to the parking lot to find a coupon. With coupon in hand, we did two Colt 35’s – 12 curls, 12 skull crushers, 11 overhead presses. Then I made the mistake of picking Cox to call the next exercise, which was 35 wonder bra’s. I think most gave up about halfway through, and we switched to American Hammers. Once those were behind us, we moseyed back to the flag, and promises were broken… 5 burpees to finish it off.


Blood drive is moved to 12/2

Santa Ruck info is on Slack. Need volunteers, good opportunity to volunteer with a 2.0 if you’d like.

Prayers for those traveling this week.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

GREAT to have Cox back at the Jammer! Now we just need to find America’s favorite snack…

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