My Lordy…look who’s Forty!

AO: Jericho

When: 11/18/2022

QIC: Benny

PAX (15): Bagel, Baskins, Benny, cingular, Crab Cake, Mr. Hand, Napalm, Package, Schneider, Shag, Snowman, Stiff Arm, Todd Doherty l F3 UMass, Valley Girl, Whiz


Lordy Lordy….Benny is 40 and Q for a BD that is 25 degrees outside.



Mosey to new baseball fields and commence warmup


Imperial Walkers

weed pickers

willy mays hayes

The Thang:

Grab a coupon, carry overhead and mosey to football field

  • Partner up and place coupon on goal line.
  • We are going to do an exercise spelling out FORTY and alternate carrying our partner 40 yards in between (to 20 yd line and back for first one as an example)
  • FORTY and all 40 count
  • Flutter kicks (goal line)
  • Overhead press w/coupon (10 yard line)
  • Rows – Bent over Rows w/coupon (20 yard line)
  • Taps – Shoulder taps (30 yard line)
  • Y shape The Chinook – overhead arm circles (40 yard line)

Grab coupons and mosey to goal line

Doracides – change partner 

Dora’s twin sister and she is a lil’ cray cray.

Use the same concept as the regular Dora, 2 PAX work together to reach cumulative exercise goals of 100, 200, 300, and 400 reps. The difference comes in the sprint, instead of running 100 yards you will do suicides instead. 1 PAX member will execute as many reps as possible while PAX 2 sprints to 10 yard line, 1 burpee, sprint back to partner, touch, sprint to 20 yard line, 2 burpees, sprint back to partner, touch, sprint to cone 30 yard line, 3 burpees, sprint back, switch with partner. PAX member picks up where PAX member doing the exercises left off.

100 – Skull crushers

200 – Squats

300 – Curls for the girls

400 – Plank Jacks

Return coupon and mosey to flag.


Updates include Santa Ruck, Thanksgiving Half Marathon, etc.

we identified 6 PAX who had not been on a man date.  Let’s have some fellowship with these guys and others!  I love seeing it!

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