AO: Starting Line

When: 11/12/2022

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (5): Ace Ventura, Janeway, Script Kiddie, Skipper, Rocket


On memorial day and with the encouragement of SirMixalot and Toadstool we completed the Chad 1000X WOD challenge, and during the conversation we discussed the fact that PTSD/suicide was the cause of death for Chad Wilkinson, and we mentioned 22 soldiers die each day due to their mental struggles.  With that in mind and the fact the football field was wet, I wanted to make the PAX aware of the issue that so many military men and women struggle with and far too many lose to

The morning started with Ace Venture and myself completing a pre-ruck. once we got back to the pavilion Janeway, Rocket and Skipper made it in time to start the Beatdown.  

Moseyed to the spot to start the warmup


Disclaimer given



Weed pickers 

Moriacan nightclubs


The Thang:

Music was started and the plan was laid out

I stated the significance of 22 and how each day 22 military members succumb to PTSD and commit suicide.

The plan

Using to the small loop

Lunge to the cut across

Do 22 ranger merkins in honor of the army

Mosey to the midpoint of the cut across

22 jump squats in honor of the navy due to the ups and downs on a ship

Lung to the other side of the cut across

22 modified V-ups with feet off the ground in honor of the Air Force

Mosey back to the spot

22 burpees In honor of the Marines, but with this one we add the total number of burpees done by all PAX.

After that take a long mosey around the large loop

We completed that 4 times
Also have to give a shout out to Rocket he was either leading the PAX or staying right with the lead PAX to push us all, during the mosey back to the spot and also he consistently did 10 of the needed burpees, Great job, for sure!!


Circled up for a round of Mary

Ended with a mosey to a light post and back. Good call Skipper and it was such a great way to end the BD>

Also I pray we never take for granted all the sacrifices the solders/airman/sailors not just the ones that lost their lives but also the ones that daily deal with what they saw during there service to the country.


Requested prayer for PAX, Janeway and others and for my Brother-in-law and others I cannot remember, but the great thing is the SkyQ  knows and we will pray for each other to help us all and the people around us get stronger.

Prayed and headed for the coffeeteria

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks Skipper for supplying the Java and creamer!
Also great & enthusiastic conversation about football and for some Skipper the love of the game and others Ace, the complete indifference to the game.
It was fun ans lively, I really enjoy conversations like that

After that it was time to head out, and start the day.

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