Maybe Poker’s just not your game….

AO: Starting Line

When: 11/16/2022

QIC: Sirmixalot

PAX (2): Script Kiddie, Sirmixalot


YHC had been wanting to play around with the new workout deck he recently purchased. I had not used this before and sort of made it up as we went along. It all worked out for the best in the end.


SSH, Weed Picker, Hillbillies, Sun Gods

The Thang:

Separated the cards into their 4 suits. Diamonds for upper body, Spades for legs, Hearts for Cardio (unsurprisingly) and clubs for core.

YHC drew a card from each stack and the plan was for us to do 4 exercises then mosey for a lap around the circle.

Round 1 – on this one the cardio was a mosey so that was the 4th exercise

King of Diamonds (25 Merkins)

King of Spades (25 Squats)

King of Clubs (25 American Hammer AC)

3 of hearts (Sprint 300 Meters- We fast moseyed around the track)


Round 2

8 of Diamonds (more merkins – 18 this time)

6 of Spades (16 Bonnie Blair AC)

6 of hearts (Bernie around the small track)

7 of clubs (17 LBCs)

Moseyed around the big loop


Round 3

10 of diamonds (incline merkin x 20)

2 of spades (bulgarian split squat 12 AC)

8 of hearts (Squat thrust x 18)

4 of clubs (14 heels to heaven)

Moseyed around the track


Round 4

Jack of Diamonds (dips x 25)

Ace of spades (Calf Raise x 100)

9 of hearts (19 high knees)

Queen of clubs (25 Freddie Mercury AC)

Moseyed around the track


Round 5

5 of Diamonds (15 Hand release merkins)

Queen of spades (monkey humpers x 25)

10 of hearts (Butt kicks – I wasn’t sure on this one so I said Alabama Ass Kickers – x 20 AC – in retrospect they probably intended for us to do the standing butt kicks – I will know for next time)

2 of Clubs (WW2 Situps x 12)

Moseyed around track

At this point there was time for one final round of exercises

9 of Diamonds (Ranger Merkin x 19)

8 of spades (Reverse lunge x 18)

5 of clubs (15 E2Ks AC)

and finally the dreaded burpee card

Queen of hearts (25 burpees – we ran out of time but each completed 10+ burpees)


We prayed for a host of things and men and their families. Had some good discussions. Had some coffee then it was time to head out.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Even when numbers are a bit light (tends to happen during the first good cold snap) it is always good to be together in the gloom.

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