AO: Gladiator

When: 11/15/2022

QIC: Stroller

PAX (16): Cheneral, defcon2, DREAMER, Irene, Judy, Macbeth, Manchester, RaspberryPi, Spandex, Speedo, Stroller, Tar Heel, Tebow, TheBigShort, Zohan, Brownie


I’ve done 2 beatdowns in the last 3 months, but the calendar says it’s my birthday and Past Stroller signed Future Stroller up to Q at the Gladiator today. I also ran a marathon 3 days ago, but that’s in the past now…let’s go!!

Scary weather forecast didn’t seem too bad as the clock hit 0515. 15 gathered to greet the day as the disclaimer was issued.


Mosey behind the rec center, avoiding Irene coming in hot. Circle up for the following:

  • Imperial Walker x 15
  • Weedpicker x 10
  • Copperhead Squat x 15
  • Mercan x 10

Mosey to the center of the pitch for a tribute to a famous #33- Patrick Roy.

Goalies need flexibility in the hips: Fire Hydrants, 11 each leg

Goalies need to operate well on their stomachs: Supermans x 11

Patrick Roy likes to fight: Nolan Ryans, 11 each side

Rinse and Repeat x 3

Mosey to the baseline

The Thang:

Gather around the Board of Pain for…Birdicides

A chance to pay tribute to two great #33s: Larry Bird and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

One partner exercises, while the other runs to the penalty box and grabs a rebound (high jump), returns to the baseline, runs to the red line and completes 1 Bobby Hurley, then returns to the baseline. Flapjack. Reach a cumulative count of 99 on each exercise.

The exercises were as follows:

Ankle grabbers
Up Overhead clap
Lunge (each leg)
Jumping Jacks
American Hammer
Big Boi Situp
Box cutter
Alternating Shoulder Taps
Reverse LBC
Rain picked up about halfway through, but no one seemed to mind. A few made it to Alternating Shoulder Taps when it was time to head back to the flag. Macbeth was kind enough to call Flutter Kicks on the soaking wet ground, then Zohan finished with Gas Pumpers


Lots of activities coming up

  • Thanksgiving festivities
  • Santa Ruck, December 10

Gladiator shirt order opening soon!

Prayers for Bo Knows’ wife

Praise for RaspberryPi’s daughter’s recovery


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Marathon training was fulfilling in a lot of ways, but there was a LOT of solo work. Nothing can truly replace the community we have when we’re gathered together. In other words…I missed this group. Thankful to ring in another year with the men of the Gladiator.

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