Day of Fours

AO: Academy

When: 11/08/2022

QIC: Devito

PAX (4): Devito, Mayhem, Turbine, Zohan


Today marked the B-day Q for 44 years, hence 4 being the number of the day.  We’ll visit 4 of my favorite Academy haunts with 4’s showing up along the way.  Funny enough, we even had 4 PAX for the morning.



The Thang:

We kicked off with a run over to the park area behind City Hall – favorite haunt #1.  11 burpees then pair off.  DORA style work with the non-exercising partner running around the small track.  110 each of derkins, jump squats, V-ups and Peter Parkers.  4 exercises for 440 reps total.  Up to favorite haunt #2, the turf field area in front of the fountain.  Lunge walk to the far end and then 11 dips.  Bear crawl back and 11 Bonnie Blairs.  Repeat for 44 reps total.  11 more burpees.  Another run over to favorite haunt #3, the parking deck across from Maple Street Biscuit.  Up the deck with 10 merkins at each turn.  Back down with 15 squats.  Pause for another 11 burpees.  Up once again with 20 LBCs at each turn.  And back down with 25 SSH.  We cut the SSH short as time was running long and we had one more place to go.  We ran back near the flag to the stadium.  Our final set of 11 burpees for 44 total.  4 times up and down the stadium steps with 11 merkins after each round (44).  Back to the flag for round robin Mary with 11 reps from each of the 4 PAX for 44 total.  Thus ends the Day of Fours.


Prayers for healing friends/family as well as wisdom in a hiring decision.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Appreciate y’all for coming out to help me celebrate another year.

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