Woody’s glory days

AO: Nirvana

When: 11/12/2022

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (11): Avis, goat, Groundhog, lumbergh, Pinkey, Special K, Sprocket, The Real Woody, Venus, Plum Bob


Mid-week our beast Tank had to bow out of his Q for some 2.0 sports so YHC decided to step up and grab it before Sprocket put the pax through another killer Murph Saturday. Which looking back, would have been fitting considering Veteran’s Day was yesterday.


After 4 completed their pre-ruck and two others pre-ran to Nirvana….11 pax were ready to go.


Weather was still okay in this early part of the gloom…mid 60’s, not much wind and fairly overcast. Disclaimer given and ready to roll.



Mosey to the flag pole at MHS (with no flag flying this morning) where various warm-up exercises were performed highlighted by Salute Planks to honor our veterans!


Extended warm-up to the side of the MHS by the cafeteria.

Morning Call in pairs. 5 pull-ups/5 merkins per set.

The Thang:

To the stadium.

Dora at the hill beside the stadium
100 – HR Merkins
200 – Big Boys
300 – Jump Squats
On to the field for Suicides every 5 yards with:
Plank/Shoulder Taps/Al Gore/Monkey Humpers rotating every 30 seconds. Each pax does up to 25 yards (suicide every 5) then flapjack and other pax goes 30-35-40, etc to 50 and so on all the way to 100 yards.
Then P1 goes to other goal line (100 yards) back then 20. And so on every 20 yards….confusing I know, had to be there. Burpees for partner to get back on these last sets.
Woody re-lived his glory days practicing his post routes to WR’s (Sprocket & YHC) – 10 Burpees for the group for a bad throw and then a perfect strike and solid grab by YHC saved the group.
Back to flag for BTTW, Wall Sits, Mike Tyson’s for 30 seconds each – 2 rounds.
Dying cockroaches, Flutters, J Lo’s



Sprocket’s sister and her cancer battle.
Caffey’s 2.0 in PICU with respiratory problems.
Plum Bob’s new job and sobriety for 9+ months now.
Woodys brother Drew and continued battle.
Beer Ruck – Sunday, November 13 at Windward Sports Park (it was awesome and you missed out if you didn’t make it!)
Santa Ruck – December 10 – Lots of volunteer opportunities and HUGE need for donations this year.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great morning ITG at Nirvana and great crew with 11 pax taking the #DRP.


4 Pre-Ruckers and great to have Goat out for his first trip to Nirvana.


YHC wanted the pax to be sure to wear their F3 or Nirvana gear as there was a 5K honoring a fallen Milton coach starting around 8 am or so. Sprocket decided to go skins as that was his way of “attracting all men to the yard (aka Nirvana and F3)” 🙂


Hard work put in by all this am and great way to start out a Saturday.

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