Veteran’s Day Jody Call

AO: The Wreck

When: 11/11/2022

QIC: Sell-out

PAX (5): aflac, Donor, Matt Shields-Norm, Rooney- timlonergan


QIC teased the PAX the night before with weather forcast and Veteran’s Day call out. 100% rain and 64 *

Well I can smell the fart sacking across the AO and the city!


Really a perfect morning for a BD. We carried the flag wherever we went today.  Warm up began with Jody call from Marine Corp “Men at War”

while moseying to shelter at the playground. Side straddle hops, Toy soldiers (of course), Weed pickers, Hillbillies. Time to mosey!  To the Jody of “1,2,3,4, United States Marine Corp”

The Thang:

Got to the bottom of big hill. Series of 12’s. Donkey kicks at the bottom, slow merkins at the top. PAX carried the flag to the top of the hill. She sure looked good flapping in the breeze and rain backlit by the street lamps. Brought a tear to Donor’s eye.

Mosey to the football field to the Jody, “Here we go…. motivated”

Line up on the goal line. Soldier crawl to the 20 yd line. Perform 100 single count flutters. Roll over twice, pop up and perform 10 horizontal knee jumps. Basically jumping up so your knees hit your hands held out parallel to the ground.

Flop on your belly and soldier crawl to the 40 yd line. Perform 100 single count Freddie Mercury. Again roll over twice getting covered in nice sticky black pellets. Pop up to do the 10 jump up knee slaps. Crawl to the next 40.

Perform 50 LBCs and repeat the above till we get to the final 20 yd line. Perform 100 single coount flutters again. Repeat the roll and knee slap jumps. Crawl last 20 yds to opposite goal line and perform 6 inches or American Hammers for the six.

All the while listening to good old Jodys. Rangers and Marines.

Mosey to the low wall. Perform 30 dips. Mosey to playground. Perform 30 dips on pic nic tables. Then 20 shrugs. Then 20 step ups. Mosey back to parking lot carrying the proud flag the whole way!

Finish with a little Mary of American hammers and diamonds.



Pray for Bill, Aflac’s partner still in coma. Pray for our country and give thanks to our people in harm’s way and those who support them.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Fart sacking Sally’s will be called out on the channel! 🙂

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