So thankful & SO ALIVE – Windjammers sang it like an anthem

AO: Windjammer

When: 11/11/2022

QIC: Walkie Talkie

PAX (9): Caroline, Cookie, False Start, Mayflower, Maytag AI, Townie, Walkie Talkie, Sparkie, PlumbBob


I imagine many US Veterans have woken up on rainy days in the dark and had to go stand a post. Feeling uber thankful on my birthday…thankful for faith, family, health…thankful for F3 and my F3 brothers…and thankful to be an American and for all of those who have served and fought for this great country.


There are things in life that we cannot control…all we can do is focus on what we can control. The rain pushed us to the Sports Park pavilion…but we pushed ourselves out of bed. Let’s go. Mosey from the pavilion to grab PlumbBob & do some SSH, WeedPickers, Hillbillies, Windmills, Arm Circles & Covids. Grab a coupon and meet back at the Pavilion.

The Thang:

You know DJ Walkie Talkie still had a playlist planned of some of his favorite tunes so let’s do this…

My Country Tis of Thee – 9Pax held a coupon in salute in honor of Veterans Day. Thanks to @HungryHungry @Commodore & many other Pax who served

In Da Club – “Yo shorty, it’s your birthday” Squats & Burpee on “Club” ­čÖé

All I do is Win Win Win – Shoulder-tap Plank & Merkin on “Win”; we did hold our hands up and made ’em stay there; thanks, DJ Khaled

When Doves Cry – Curls & run in 2 teams

Corduroy – LBCs & run in 2 teams

Lithium – Lunges & Speed Burpees & Mtn. Climbers on cue; I warned it was a tough one…”yeeaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Mr. Jones – Squats & Burpee on “Mr. Jones”

Africa – Freddie Mercs & run in 2 teams

Shimmer – Mix of Overhead Press & Skull Criushers & run in 2 teams

So Alive – SSH & Burpee on “So Alive”; they come in 3 and there were some heads-up competitions


Welcome to the team, Duncan, aka @Sparkie, and great job today! Thanks to you all for getting my Birthday started right.

Windjammer is hosting Beer & Chili Ruck starting Sunday at 3:00 at Sports Park

Blood Drive 11/23 & Santa Ruck 12/10

@Townie brought some truth conveying he’s thankful that we are “used” to getting outside and getting after it.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

So much to be thankful for, Gents.
Feeling like a hero but I can’t fly.┬áNo, you’ll never crash if you don’t tryTook it to the edge, now I know why.┬áNever gonna live if you’re too scared to die
Gonna disconnect from the hardwire. Time to raise the flag for the cease fireStaring down the hole inside me. Looking in the mirror. Making peace with the enemy
Hey-hey-ey-ey-ey.┬áI’m so alive, I’m so alive, I’m so alive (Hey)You can make it on a wish if you want to!

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