Kudos to Lefty and MT

AO: Rubicon

When: 11/10/2022

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (11): Avis, Cookie, False Start, FannyPack, Groundhog, Jump Seat, Pinkey, PitStop, Special K, Trebek


One pax took on Fanny Packs eternal call to fill up the q sheet. Unfortunately, he was unresponsive and so I said if Stiff Arm flakes that I would pick up the Q.

I put out a call for preruck to make up for flaking on Tuesday, but I was taught what goes around comes around and was left alone which gave me time to firm up the Q idea. Then I forgot about the ISS passover. Probably too cloudy again anyways.


What was supposed to be a 2 year celebration for a pax was shifted so that we could remember some guys from 2 years ago. Hope all is well in your world Dakt, Hanson, Updyke, Tech Support, and Stiff Arm. Would be good to see you again.

Mosey through the pool lot with high knees, and sideways, and all the usual weaving. Circle up for SSH, WP, IW, circles.

Instead, today we will give it up for some pax that we do hope to see again soon. Lefty and Miller Time completed the New York marathon through the heat. Impressive feat. Rest your feet. See you next week!

The Thang:

A hastily thrown together circuit which consisted of the following:

Get rock

Bottom of hill of dreams: 26 curls
Bernie Sanders up, 26 squats
Run down, 26 presses
To home plate: 26 LBC
Bearcrawl to first and jog to concessions
26 Dips, 26 Donkey Kicks
Run around the field
26 Mercans at home

We ran the first through together and Pax were let loose at their own pace. Everyone got through four and while Avis and Cookie were party way through their 5th I called everyone in to get back to the flag.

Some Mary and we hit the time.


Ruck this weekend, come hang out 3:00 Sunday at Windjammer

Santa Ruck coming up, mostly need support to gather goods

Prayers for traveling family and those looking for change (which fate has aligned)

Then we told one Stiff Arm joke too many and he sent a Southerly Buster (Australian wind term) through to knock the flag down. 10 burpees

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead even when it wasn’t the original plan.

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