Buckets and Cinders

AO: Badapple

When: 11/07/2022

QIC: goat

PAX (8): Avis, Goose, Motorboat, Rusty, Short Circuit, Spider, TheBurn


Had a whole lot to do and a short time to get it in.


SSH. Copperhead merkins. Copperhead squats. Sun Gods.

The Thang:

PAX paired up.

Each team worked with a 5gal bucket and 2 cinders. While 1 pax performed the exercise (sets of 10), the other farmer carried 2 cinders around the parking lot for a little catch me if you can.

Exercise with your bucket.

100- merkins (chest to the ground. back up and tap the top of your bucket)

200- squats (butt to the buckets and back up to standing position)

200- leg lifts (while on your back. keep legs straight and lift your legs over the bucket)



Continued prayer for Santa Clause and his family.

Santa Ruck coming up soon.

Beer/Chili Ruck this weekend.

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