Deck of Death

AO: The Wreck

When: 11/02/2022

QIC: Bear

PAX (12): aflac, Bear, Blue, Donor, gmonkey, Grouch, Moonshine, Raider, Sell-out, Sic’em, Squeegee, Vanilla


Mosey to turf field and grab lifting coupon on way by. SSH, Toy soldier, Wind mill, phelps arm swings.

The Thang:

Deck of Death – face cards pass rock to your left.

Footballs – burpees

Baseballs – shoulder press

basketballs – skull crushers

Soccerballs – bent over rows

few minutes left so circle up near rock pile and pax calls out exercises.

Mosey back to flag.


Donor thanks for sharing and opening up about Lily. We are thinking about you guys and praying for you and her!

Keep lifting up Aflac’s business partner.

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