Mucho Muchos

AO: Boneyard

When: 10/28/2022

QIC: Feathers

PAX (7): FannyPack, Feathers, Mater, Morphine, Speedo, Trebek, Brownie


For the second of three Qs this week, I decided to keep the planning simple.


Mosey, SSH, Imperial Walkers, Weed Pickers, Teabag Stretch.

The Thang:

A mosey around the park, with multiple Mucho stations.  At each station, perform first set of exercises, run to designated point and back, then perform second set.  R&R.

Station 1: Parking Lot near Dog Park – Mucho Chesto, 20 Reps each

  • Merkins
  • Wide Merkins
  • Diamond Merkins
  • Stagger Merkins Right
  • Stagger Merkins Left

Station 2: Parking lot beside LAX field – Mucho Abs-O, 20 reps each

  • LBC
  • Big Boys
  • Reverse LBC
  • Crossover LBC Right
  • Crossover LBC Left

Station 3: Base of short, steep hill near playground – Mucho Run-O, up the hill then mosey back to base

  • Run
  • Bernie
  • High Knees
  • Karaoke Right
  • Karaoke Left

Station 4: Vietnam Memorial – Mucho Legs-O, 20 reps each

  • Squat
  • Lunge Right Leg
  • Lunge Left Leg
  • Stepup Right Leg
  • Stepup Left Leg

Station 5: Pavilion – Mucho Random-O, 10 reps each due to time constraints

  • Irkins
  • Dirkins
  • Dips
  • Side Lifts Right
  • Side Lifts Left


Announcement – F3 Alpha Fall Convergence tomorrow at the Boneyard, 6:30 start with pre-ruck and pre-run options.

Prayers for the health of several Ms and kids.  Safe and fun convergence.

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