Halloween hunt III

AO: Hoppylike

When: 10/28/2022

QIC: lumberg-g-g-GHOST

PAX (18): Avis, Caffey, Cookie, Crab Cake, False Start, Ha-ha, Hollywood, Jump Seat, Mayhem, Popper, Shooter, Stroller, TopHat, Valley Girl, Vegemite, Aftershave, Fridge


Lots of interest from folks for the 3rd edition (by my count) of the Halloween Hunt.

So great to have some pax travel in and get to enjoy Avalon when there are no crowds and very few cars.

The Thang:

I’ll just copy and paste the Slack post:


Alright. Pax all over Alpha are talking about the Halloween Hunt. It’s my favorite thing of the year. I’ll run down the game here in hopes to save time in the morning but get in a few minutes early so we can get moving on time.

The goal: You and your partner to find the runners with the Halloween bag. Pick from the bag.

Prizes: Pull a Trick (Candy) then do 5 Mercans. Pull a treat (Nuts/Sport Beans) keep running.

The Game Board: Anywhere within Avalon between Santa’s House and the Hotel, and the Movie Theater to Whole Foods/Bocado. (No residential, No Westside Pkwy, but parking decks and tunnels (cut throughs)are okay)

Other rules

Once you find the bag you should run/jog back to Santa’s House to ‘reset’ and keep hunting.

You should always be moving. Even if you need to walk it out.

New rule for ’22: On occasion when the person with the bag is caught you should: Trade partners and/or hand the bag to the other team. That means you will not be looking for me the whole time. (Use your own judgement on how often to trade or switch depending on how long you have it or if the pair are a similar pace group.)

No hiding with the bag, No sprinting toward or away from people when spotted, keep a normal pace. You can deceive (run into a secret tunnel/parking lot if you know them). Bag team does not have to reset.

Watch your own time and arrive back at Container Store at 6:15

We have multiple paces that will be running. A few under 8 and a few 10+. Everyone has the same chances since we are running randomly. We will pair up accordingly.

Bonus: stick around for coffee and a bonus treat after.

Some great strategies all around. Caffey and I started with the bag but handed off to the second group we met after about 6 minutes. The bag changed hands 6-7 times ending up back with Caffey and me (after we scored 3 points)

Hollywood and partner (I forgot who was with who, Avis I think) won it with 5 catches.

Some residents gave us some looks and I think security may have questioned somebody too.

Popper and 2.0s moved the whole time and did a great job. Glad to see them out there.


Thanks to Cookie for the coffee.

Convergence tomorrow, lots of other opportunities.

Welcome Vegemite. An Aussie who the only word I understood in his intro was “Vegemite”. Great to have you!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead.

Seeing everyone gathering when I drove in made me gasp. Such a great showing and thankful we can play some games and catch up with pax from other AOs.

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