SK Halloween Q II

AO: Starting Line

When: 10/26/2022

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (5): Janeway, Sirmixalot, Suarez, Beeline


With the Fall convergence the weekend before Halloween and my festive holiday BD plan derailed, I decided to take the Wednesday October 26th Q, to share my Halloween BD, and with my 2.0 leading the Dadurday BD, I wanted to make it a good one.  Also with the intent to keep the intensity high I formulated a plan.  I had also made a promise to have a burpee free BD, so as the wheels turned, and IPC week 5 completed, the idea of murder bunnies was placed in my head.
Another thing in true horror movie fashion, since this is the sequel to last years Halloween BD, the sequel needed to be more intense then the original, so with all that in mind the morning of the BD had arrived.  Sirmixalot joined me in a Pre-Ruck with a good pace that got us back at the Flag to note that Suarez had arrived with 2 more cinder blocks and placed them near the spot to prep for the BD to come, Janeway was there as well. Then as the call to mosey was made Beeline appeared just in time to join in the run.


Warm up time
Weed Pickers
Moon gods
Copperhead squats
Moroccan Night clubs
Michael Phelps OYO
And with that it was time to start the festivities

The Thang:

No mosey need we were at the starting point so I laid out the plan
Acronym time
S SSH 40
C Crunches 40
A Around the worlds 20
R Reverse LBCs 30
E Elf on the shelf 15/15
D Dying cockroach 30
And to make it more fun, 10 murder bunnies out and 10 reverse murder bunnies back, between letters
Once the first round was done we took a long lap around the run track and gathered up for a quick 10 count and the second round.
Ok ideally it would be a duplicate of round one, but I have come to realize that hooked on phonics, may have not have worked for me since I managed to misspell SCARED.  So with this in mind and a modification of Elf on the Shelf, we did a modified round 2

S SSH 40
Murder bunnies out/Murder bunnies back
C Crunches 40
Murder bunnies out/Murder bunnies back
A – Around the world 20
Murder bunnies out/Murder bunnies back
E – Modified EoS – take the cinder push it up and out to one side like before, then lower it and push it up on the other side that was one  We did 10 of those
Murder bunnies out/Murder bunnies back
R – Reverse LBCs, this is where SirMixalot noted that we had missed an exercise, can you tell spelling was not my best subject in school
Murder bunnies out/Murder bunnies back
D – Dying Cockroach 30
Run a long lap

And with that, it was time for CoT


Starting Line will be closed
Fall convergence is this weekend

Pray request
For Beeline to have wisdom and discernment on how to respond, and not react to his M,  Something we truly all need pray with/need to work on.
For families that are dealing with Hurricane recovery.

We missed the Acceleration point, sorry HIM.  But will hopefully get back on track next week.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

We managed to get the picture then get a bit of Coffee. At that point, I had to head out to start the day.
It was another fun Q and I really enjoyed how it worked out, even to the point that the modified Elf on the Shelf exercises is one worth of its own name and will be used again, thanks to SirMixalot for coming up with the combo.

As always an honor to lead and I am looking forward to the Fall Convergence this weekend!


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