Shot down like that shooting star

AO: Academy

When: 10/25/2022

QIC: lumberg-g-g-GHOST

PAX (6): Avis, Devito, Hollywood, Mayhem, Turbine


Two recent things led to today’s Q.

1 was when I showed up two weeks ago and when noone else did rather than going solo I just drove on over to Rubicon so there was no true Academy beatdown.

2 was that I saw Top Gun over the weekend finally.

(I briefly mentioned this but the longer story is funny so enjoy: About 3 years ago when the first trailer for Maverick came out the M was so excited and I had to admit to her that I never saw the original [no good reason for that, just wasn’t on my cultural radar]. Her response was as if I told her something much worse. So on an evening where we should have been packing for a Disney trip (of course) I had to sit down and watch the original. Finally we watched the new one and it really was an incredible film.)


Delete this section please.

The Thang:

A lap around the track and over to the stand where a board was waiting. Spoiler alert but one of the key points in Top Gun is when the group is forced to do 200 pushups when they are shot down by Maverick. So today we will do 200 mercans with a twist.

The board:

Mercans to failure (but keep count)
‘->LBC (match whatever mercan count you had)
‘->Squats (match whatever mercan count you had)
‘->1 Lap
Continue the count of Mercans to failure (but keep count)
‘->Flutter Kicks
‘->Bonnie Blair
‘->2 Laps
Continue again Mercans to failure (but keep count)
‘->American Hammer
‘->3 Laps

Starting with Mercans until you have to rest or fail then use that count you did to do LBCs and Squats then run a lap. So if you got to 40 Mercans like YHC you did 40 LBC, 40 Squats, lap, then start the next round at 41 and keep counting the Mercans up and match the exercise counts in each round. Go through each round until you hit 200 mercans (which would be 200 core exercises and 200 leg as well). I think it made sense and pax definitely did a lot of reps and ran a lot. YHC ended up doing two rounds of each to hit 200. If you finish early fall in with whoever is still working to get to 200. We ended when the shooting star said to stop.

Next we get airborne. At the stadium steps one man did Dips while the wing man did stairs to the top and back and switch. 3 rounds plus 3 more rounds with gas pumpers.

A lap of the track while I firm up an idea I had. Pax could tell I was running low on ideas. Well, the ideas were there but was trying to see what fit within our time limit. Devito suggested a burpee broad jump lap. I instead went with a bear crawl across the field with 2 burpees at each of the painted lines. Return with lunge walk.

Back to the flag area for a round of core and we hit time.


Lots of things happening.

Prayers for Devito’s family as they put the family dog down.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead and especially at Academy again after being sidelined for a very long time. Just have to work on ensuring I fill the full hour.

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