LifeLock 2 year and Zuckerberg 16 BDay Q

AO: Firehouse

When: 10/25/2022

QIC: LifeLock VPN

PAX (9): Ace Ventura, Full Moon, Janeway, Lightweight, Seaman, Sirmixalot, toadstool, Zuckerburg/Snorlax


We did a pre run in the morning with me, Zuckerberg, Lightweight, Ace, and Toadstool


We started off with a decently long mozie lead by Zuckerberg and then a warm up of Side Straddle Hops, Sun Gods, Reverse Sung Gods, Chinooks, and Weed Pickers. We then ran over tot he flag,

The Thang:

We started off with me running a Roxanne workout where we played the song Roxanne by The Police and stayed in a air chair position. Every time it said Roxanne you would do a merkin and go back up the air chair.


Next we did a dead srpint to Dan Tailors lead by Zuck where everyone would dead sprint as far as they could and then as soon as you started to slow down you would stop. Everyone met up at the person who made it the furthest and we did Dan Tailors back to the begining from where they were.


Next we did a Choose your Pain Plank where everyone gets in a circle and planks (we did low but you can do high or low).  Starting at one person everyone will count up to a number preferably 30 and the person in line chooses when to say the number makin git so you decide how long you sit there.


Next we split into teams of 2 and grabed a coupon one per team.Oner person would run as far as they could with the coupon while the other did 5 burpees. once the person was done with burpees they would catch up and swap until you get back to the start.


Next we did a thing where we woul all plank in a line and someone ran to a sign. Once they were back they would say a exercise and everyone would do that until the nect person in line got back fromt he run. We did this until everyone was done.


Finally we did controll merkins until time where I called out up, down, or middle and we held that possition until otherwise stated.


Boneyard convergance

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