Dadurday 2 – Zwrecked by ZRex

AO: Starting Line

When: 10/22/2022

QIC: Script Kiddie

PAX (8): Dunshire, LifeLock VPN, Lightweight, Script Kiddie, Suarez, toadstool, ZRex, Gecko


Dadurday round 2 had arrived, and the original plan was to have Zoey, my 2.0, aka ZRex, lead one part of the BD, but she had so many great ideas she not only took over on part of the BD, she planned the whole thing.


Also this is moonshine festival weekend so the normal location, Main Street park was not available so we pulled a last minute pivot and relocated to the high school, which will be a great location for a second Dawsonville AO.

Toadstool and Lightweight got there early for the pre-run.  ZRex and I got there a bit early to make final prep and decide where to have the event. Suarez and Boss baby rolled in and LifeLock emerged from the lightweight mobile and then Dunshire and his 2.0/FNG joined us during the warm up. Now on to the event


We moseyed to the football field and started at the goal line, I was in charge of the disclaimer and warm up 

Weed pickers
Copperhead squats were done

I then handed it of to ZRex to begin the BD

The Thang:

ZRex pulled out her notes/weinke and started explaining the plans

Halloween exercises

Frankensteins to the 20
10 howlers- basically a Hindi Merkin with a howl at the end
20 batwings
20 monster squats
We then moseyed back to the 5 yard line


She then shared an acronym thang that she created, I was impressed by her creativity with this one

P – 20ish second plank,
U – uppercuts alpha count
M – monster lunges 20
P –  push ups/merkins 25
K – knee tucks/ reverse LBC
I – inchworms 10
N – narrow squats 20


Next  we circled up and did the

Zombie chase
ZRex would call out what to do
Zombies are coming – run in place
Stay low – low plank
They see you – run in place
Quick hide – 20 squats
Hop over the grave – 20 high jumps, in place
Sneak by the zombies lunge walk 20 alpha
Tunnel escape – bear crawl to the 20
Time to celebrate – 5 burpees
I really enjoyed her creativity in the and to end with burpees, truly made me proud


Circled back up

Then started running in place again the had ZRex tag someone and say one of these phrases, with an exercise tied to each

Trick or treat= 5 burpees
Boo= 10 Lunges
Spooky= 20 count plank, that worked out to be way more than 20 seconds 
Halloween=10 crunches
We did that till everyone got a turn, also great job by Dunshire and Gecko for working together to get the crunches done.  Awesome!


We then added in pumpkin, pumpkin, boo, basically duck duck goose with a twist.

Do SSHs then someone will get tagged, the person will specify the exercise and thay PAX  will do 3 of those exercises then chase the person that tagged them, the tagger would run to the 50 then try to get back to the position of the PAX he tagged then they would tag another PAX. Did that till everyone got a turn.  Again this was a great idea by ZRex.


With time left we did the P.UM.P.K.I.N. thang again then finished with

10 howlers

And then completed the warm up to finish of

And the first 2.0 take over Dadurday was complete

After the BD we circled up and did the COT


After the BD we circled up and did the COT


Convergence next Saturday, starting line will be closed, I posted info in slack


Pray request

Florida residents recovery from hurricane Ian

Healing for PAX families


We then took the time to name the FNG/Dunshire’s 2.0 and landed on Gecko due to his love of PJ Mask.


With that, pray and time for coffeetria

Naked-Man Moleskin:

We had coffee for the PAX and OJ for the 2.0s

Also granola bars and bananas

We hung out for a bit and then everyone started heading out for the day.


I truly enjoy the concept of Dadurday, not my idea, I stole it from the Stuff worth trying podcast, but letting the 2.0s see where their dads go in the early morning, and be a part of the BD, is awesome.  Also they get to see a side of us men that they usually do not see, and as we interact with the men around us we are setting the tone of how they will be as they grow.


Also with my 2.0 taking over and leading the BD, she did an awesome job, BTW.  I have to say this was one of the best F3 moments ITG, for this year. Hands down.

Thanks to all the HIM that made her feel welcome and helped along the way to make the BD even better. 

This is what F3 is all about!

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