Bunch of tabatas

AO: Boneyard

When: 10/24/2022

QIC: Mater

PAX (6): Dinghy, FannyPack, Feathers, Scratch-Off, Speedo


Q’ing on my 1 year manniversary of my F3 journey.

Inner voice – definitely been a good year and I feel much better physically, found a good group of guys to grow spiritually, and hope to grow my circle with these great men.  Thanks for @fannypack for inviting me!

Outer voice – Disclosure given…etc.


Quick mosey followed by some SSH, Weed pickers, Elf on the escalator (@Scratch-off can correct me if that’s wrong, formerly known as World’s greatest stretch), Forward arm circles, and mosey back to pick up the coupons.

The Thang:

Mini tabatas were in store.  Each tabata consisted of an upper body, core, and lower body move.

Format: 3 exercises per set, 3 sets, 38 second for each exercise, 10 second rest in between.

Coupons were taken to the field for first group of exercises – overhead coupon press, big boys,  coupon squats.

Second group of exercises done at the bleaches by the field – merkins, v-ups, step-ups

Third group of exercises done at the pavilion – dips, flutter kick, single leg calf raises (switching at midpoint)

Fourth group of exercises done at the wall – balls to the wall, low plank,  people’s chair

Fifth and final group done back at the field – coupon curls, Freddy mercury, lunges (unfortunately my timing was off and we only got through 1 full set and a 2nd curl prior to heading back to the flag).


Convergency on 10/29.

Prayers for Jemery (@dinghy’s brother in law) with dealing with family losses.

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