Field of Dreams or Doom!

AO: Big Creek

When: 10/19/2022

QIC: Benny

PAX (6): Baskins, Benny, Mr. Hand, Package, Snowman, Whiz


Started by running a new and different direction….baseball fields…here we come!


Mosey to Centerfield on right ball field while playing the great John Fogerty song of same name.

Arm circles – forward/backward

Willy mays Hayes


Plank Jacks

Race to Home Plate.

The Thang:

Field of Dreams

  • Start out by asking the PAX to split up so that at least one PAX was at each base.
  • 1s start at First Base (1st cone) do AMRAP Squats until relieved.
  • 2s at Second Base (2nd cone) do AMRAP Mercans until relieved.
  • 3s at Third Base (3rd cone) do AMRAP LBC’s until relieved.
  • 4s at Home Plate (4th cone) will perform 15 Burpees then run to First, relieving the Pax there.
  • Continue until all Pax have done the Burpees.

F3 Baseball

  • Pax are divided into four teams. Each team starts at its own base.
  • Teams must complete a cumulative number of reps of different exercise at each base, for example,
  • 120 team merkins at first, duck walk
  • 120 team squats at second, Bear crawl
  • 120 team crab cakes at 3rd, Bernie sanders
  • 120 team Air Dramas at home, frog jump

Head to left foul pole to relive high school glory days.  Proceed to run along outfield fence to opposite foul pole unlocking our inner FREEZE potential.  Once we got to other foul pole, Bernie Sanders to edge of infield and then side shuffle or karaoke across outer part of infield (switching the way you face halfway through).  Bernie sanders back to original starting point.  Rinse and Repeat.

Head to concession stand for a “snack”.  Balls to the wall as we mimicked a wave counting up to 30 before there were only a few balls left on the wall.  Indian run to the bean before returning back to starting point for a lovely round of Mary.


Spoke about 2nd F and “man date” mission and how pathetic the attendance was today.

prayed for the sad clowns.

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