F3 Cricket

AO: Rubicon

When: 10/20/2022

QIC: Irene

PAX (12): Avis, Cookie, False Start, FannyPack, Focker, Hollywood, Lil Hurt, lumberg-g-g-GHOST, MillerTime, No-See-Um, Special K


Searching for Beatdown ideas and reading other Backblasts led me to think of playing a game, so I figured the best game to tie a workout to was Cricket from Darts. If you didn’t attend or don’t know, Cricket is a game in darts where each player tries to hit certain areas of the board three times each. YHC created a Cricket Scoreboard (pictured above) (Dart Zones: 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, and Bullseye) with children’s chalk between the baseball diamonds and named the exercises in preparation for the beatdown. Pax were free to complete the exercises in teams in any order they wanted and noted a sets completion in true cricket scoring (1st a /, 2nd an X, 3rd an X in a circle).


As it was a cold morning, YHC led the pax through some running warm-ups to get the blood pumping: High Knees, Carioca (right and left), and Butt Kickers while snaking through the parking lot to start. The Pax moseyed to the flagpole for SSH, Weedpickers, and Imperial Walkers. Once everyone was warm(-er), we moseyed to the concession stand to start the Thang.

The Thang:

Thang 1: Cricket
Today we played F3 Cricket. the scoreboard was set up with the following exercises:

20x Wide-arm Merkins (Werkins)
19x Squats
18x Captain Thors
17x Dips
16x Alpha Step-Ups
15x Absolutions
B (25x) Burpees

Pax counted off by 2s to split into two teams and after demonstrating all exercises, the race was on. Team 1 started from the bottom with Burpees first, while Team 2 began a top-down strategy with Werkins first. As teams worked, we rocked out to a (commercial-free) Spotify playlist.

With both teams executing different strategies, it was hard to judge who was leading the race. Both teams finished the first round at a similar pace, but Team 1 threw everyone for a loop when they hit a double on Dips and Step-ups in the second round to clear those exercises. Team 2 stuck with their top-down strategy though and finished narrowly ahead of Team 1 who were bogged down in absolutions when the scoring finished.

Thang 2: Rochamburpees
The Pax’s excellent speed worked against them though as there was time to spare, so we launched into one more Thang from the Exicon: Rochamburpees. Pax paired up – accidentally within their teams, but we should have gone team v. team – and got in the low plank position. Partners then played Rochambeau or Rock, Paper, Scissors with the winner doing a Merkin and the loser doing a Burpee (ties meant both Pax got Merkins) before returning to the low plank for the next round. Pax played 10 rounds with increasing reps (1st round 1 rep, 2nd round 2 reps, … 10th round 10 reps). Mumble chatter revealed the secret strategy of trying to tie each round, but Pax gave it their all and plenty of Burpees were spread around. With Rochamburpees complete, Pax moseyed back to the Shovel Flag for a final mary of Freddie Mercuries before time was called.


Pax circled up and shared news and announcements:

2nd F lunch at Sucheros in DT Alpharetta, Friday 10/21
NLB Breakfast hosted by Norsemen @ The Bound on Saturday 10/22
Convergence @ The Boneyard, 6:30 start on 10/29 with pre-run and pre-ruck options at 5:30
F3 Alpha BeerRuck and Chili Cook-off Sunday 11/13 at 3 pm @ Windward Sports Park
F3 Alpha Blood Drive Wednesday 11/23 off Deerfield Parkway
Santa Ruck December 10th? Check Slack for more details soon.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Prayers were offered for Lil’ Hurt’s Father who is recovering from back surgery and Cox’s M who is also recovering.

Pax stayed after for Coffeteria and TNT with Hollywood sharing information on Forks over Knives (Check Slack for more Details) regarding healthier eating behaviors to reduce insulin resistance and sugar consumption.

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