Burpee Days

AO: Grindstone

When: 10/17/2022

QIC: Inseam

PAX (15): Cookie, Crab Cake, False Start, Inseam, jugdish, Mayflower, Olaf, Scampi, Schneider, Snowman, Spit Valve, Trey Homan, Walkie Talkie, Corndog, Protractor


‘Tas been a while since YHC had the Q, at any bootcamp AO. At least that is how it feels. Glad to see my name on the calendar for this Monday. Some mornings are tougher than others, and I knew this would be a tough one for YHC.

Preblast on Slack extended an open invitation to any Kotters, and touched on “bricklaying”, “guardrails”, and “get right” (all key phrases from the F3 Qsource and can be looked up on the Lexicon for a quick reminder).

A few of the old Grindstone OGs and Semi-OGs, turned Windjammer godfathers, answered the call and HC’d.


Scream in on two wheels. Jump out and declare “lets mosey”.

Mosey around the lit path, around the donkey kicking wall, and circle up at the top of the Long-Ass Parking Lot. Heart still racing from the 8 minute commute (typically 12) YHC delivered a terrible disclaimer, but the point go across and the Site Q filled in the blanks.

All IC: SSH, Weedpicker, Sungods.

The Thang:

Thang 1: Burpee Apocalypse.

In a circle, pax performed 11 burpees, followed by a 5 second break. Then 10, break, 9, break, etc. 66 total burpees.


Thang 2: Catch me if you can.

After a short mosey over to the coupon pile which lines the Big-Ass Parking Lot. Partner up. Partner 1 runs with coupon while Partner 2 knocks out 5 merkins, then runs to catch Partner 1. Flip and repeat. Down and Back.

Quick Intentional Thinker


Thang 3: Hindenburg BLIMPS (abbreviated).

Performed at each corner of the Big-Ass Parking Lot. Just like regular Hindenburg BLIMPS, but only do 5 reps at each corner, for each round exercise. See Exicon for description of traditional Hindenburg BLIMPS if you’re interested.


Mosey to the flag for a quick 14 Burpees, bringing the daily total per pax to 100. Perfect timing with 5 MOM to close up out. Around the horn style.


Give Thanks.

Scampi’s M is due today. This little girl will be their first 2.0. No phone call during the BD, so prayers continue for the family this week.

YHC’s half coming up, and a lingering knee annoyance.

F3 Cumming’s Santa Ruck is on the calendar for December 10th. Our event will be ran just like AlphaCentral’s but will benefit our local charity The Place of Forsyth. More details to come.

F3 Cumming’s Mac-N-Chees Mosey Half Marathon is set for thanksgiving morning at 0630. More details to come.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great to see some old faces and some new! YHC remembers the day 2-ish years ago when Cookie, Milli, False Start, and a few others left Grindstone to create Windjammer. 2 years later and both AOs are booming. A need was identified and addressed. Addition by Division at it’s finest!

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